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» Ansens Consignment

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71 days ago Ansens Consignment is a treasure hunt and a wonderful addition to the Prince Rupert retail scene. It is fantastic to have a place that brings together so many excellent brands at such great prices. The consignment concept gives new life to used clothing - I love knowing that I am making an environmentally friendly choice by purchasing previously loved clothes instead of buying into fast fashion. The store itself is bright, welcoming, and a great place to bump into old and new friends.

» Clarity Cannabis

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56 days ago It's the only business in town that sells cannabis and a lot of people take the product because of health issues.

» Clearly Coastal Photography

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62 days ago I ordered a few prints, including a metal print, from this business. It came quickly in the mail and looked amazing!! Jeff does great photography, his pictures look like they are straight out of National Geographic :)
67 days ago Clearly Coastal has an amazing eye for photography and has been able to capture many amazing pictures showing the true beauty of the north coast
67 days ago Hard worker , takes his work seriously but it’s his love for Rupert and all the beautiful nature and animals that make his pictures so awesome
67 days ago Clearly Coastal has been producing amazing shots that capture the north and sum up the amazing things around us that we sometimes don’t even realize we have! Keep it up, it’s great to showcase the North and show that off to the rest of the world.
68 days ago The photos produced by this company are creative and represent the area around Prince Rupert. The photos represent Prince Rupert well by sharing the true beauty of the region. I look forward to seeing what new photos are being posted to see what other treasures of the region have been discovered.
68 days ago Jeff captures Rupert so Honestly. Its so easy to capture beauty on clear and sunny days, but he is able to capture the beauty in even the dreary days. His passion for this city is clearly seen through his photography!
68 days ago Clearly Coastal has done a fantastic job of capturing the essence of the West Coast through Photography. Clearly coastal is open to new ideas from the customers and has excellent customer service.
68 days ago Not only are the photos wonderful and highlight our beautiful northern B.C. but the service is amazing also. I was given prices on all size options and what was available. Took time to email back and forth regarding any questions I as a customer had. Overall great!!!
68 days ago The pictures are amazing and capture Rupert and surrounding areas perfectly. Portions of proceeds help those with PTSD and only add to the quality of this business.
68 days ago Great photos displaying the amazing west coast and everything it has to offer!
68 days ago The way Jeff captures the BC coast is absolutely beautiful and are a reasonable price!
68 days ago Amazing photographs capturing the coast of Prince Rupert and beautiful aspects of the city
68 days ago Jeff has done an incredible job promoting the beauty of Prince Rupert through the art of photography. Whenever someone turns their passion into a business, and brings value to the consumer, it deserves our support. I would never have thought about visiting PR, but it’s on my list this next summer!
68 days ago I love this business! Tho photos that are captured are amazing. A very talented artist.
71 days ago Wonderful captures by the owner in his first year of business. He has been displayed in hotels as well as donates a portion of his sale to a not for profit dedicated to PTSD. Way to go Clearly Coastal!

» Coastal Canine Training

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79 days ago Although the business just opened Riley is great at what she does and always impresses us.
79 days ago Riley does a great job and always is continuing to further her education for the dogs and owners!

» Drift Sports

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72 days ago Amazing services , store expanding so we don't have to do so much online ordering . He's always very helpful , we always leave happy campers .
78 days ago Currently expanding their store and always has new and trendy sports and active apparel. Brought back a need in Prince Rupert.

» Hekate Esthetics

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51 days ago I am a returning client of Hailey's since she opened. Hailey's customer service is simply amazing. She explains everything so well. The quality of her work is by far some of the best spa services I've had even traveling the world. She pays attention to detail and works with you on your skincare journey. I think she deserves to be recognized for her efforts.
70 days ago Hailey opened the doors to her downtown spa January 2019 and has been booked solid since then! She has taken her passion and turned it into a very successful career. Way to go Hailey, everyone can use a little self-care and pampering!
77 days ago Hekate Esthetics is a professional day spa that is owned and operated by Hailey Orleans, a life long Port Edward and Prince Rupert resident. Her business includes professional skin and body care services. Hailey used to be a manager at the Crest Hotel and decided to go to school during 2018 to follow her passions. Upon returning, she didn't miss a beat and opened the doors to her new spa at the end of January 2019. Within less than a year, Hekate Esthetics has quickly grown into a business that serves over 550 clients, and is contributing to new life in the downtown core on 3rd Avenue. Hailey works 12 hours a day, 5 days a week, and is the type of person who wouldn't normally participate in an award process - so I decided to nominate her to recognize her hard work and the outstanding success of her new downtown business. Already Hailey has achieved a high capacity of clientele, and has additional plans to expand her spa operations and also hire additional employees - contributing to the up and coming service industry in Prince Rupert. She also has aspirations to volunteer at the seniors center and the local woman's shelter once she is able to hire additional help. With that being said, I believe Hailey's business is a true Rupert success story and it would be wonderful to see her nominated for Rookie Business of the Year!

» Not So Shaggy Dog Grooming

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79 days ago Riley does a great job and always is continuing to further her education for the dogs and owners!

» Shutter Shack

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61 days ago She’s taken a long established business and put her own stamp on it. Lonnie has revamped Shutter Shack into a new business that focus on the community and her love of photography. Unique gifts and fabulous service will keep them going for years to come!

» Sukoshi Kitchen

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78 days ago Amazing new restaurant in Prince Rupert! Their colourful interior creates a welcoming and vibrant feel. Their food is delicious and filling!

» Sunset Lounge

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78 days ago Bringing some vibrancy and a place to lounge in Prince Rupert! Exciting future for the business. They hold live music, comedy and art events for the community.

» Team Fish

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53 days ago They offer innovative electronic fisheries monitoring programs: already making a big difference in our crab fisheries. Amanda has been chosen by SheEO as one of their Canadian Venture semi finalists.

» Vihaan's Pizzeria

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51 days ago This restaurant had big boots to fill as a replacement to Zorba's, but they have (and continue to) deliver! (pun intended) Fresh ingredients, affordable options, excellent customer service, and a diverse team of new, young Rupertites all make for a fantastic restaurant and dining experience.