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» 333 Recover Homes Society

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71 days ago This place is helping to change lives, families and making our community a better place to live, as well as pushing for a detox- wellness center , 333 is active in aftercare and helping to create a recovery community. One example is the men’s recovery house “Trinityhouse “

» Friendship House Association of Prince Rupert

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65 days ago I believe this business should be nominated because they help the community with low income by providing free services and programs.
67 days ago They help community members with life skills, workshops and inclusion. Always having the pulse of the community and trying provide the services.
75 days ago The Friendship House bring so much opportunity, help, structure, and fun to the community. They are growing bigger and bigger every year, and provide so much support to the public. Along with employment to staff, contractors, and local businesses.
78 days ago Has been an integral not-for-profit to the First Nations community and Prince Rupert. They provide programs and services to those in need.

» Hear the Wild

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68 days ago Kendra goes above and beyond in her efforts to raise money to help the families of children who are hard of hearing with the cost of their devices.

» Nisga'a Society

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69 days ago Their language and culture programs are being recognized with an elder in residence. Garden centre is rebuilding bigger and better

» Prince Rupert Community Arts Council

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62 days ago The Arts Council supports artists by offering financial support and creating opportunities for artists to work ; as well as initiating and supporting programs and events that bring art and arts activities to the community.
66 days ago I believe the PRAC plays a huge part in creating a sense of community in Prince Rupert. They provide support for many of the clubs and organizations in our city bringing people together in a positive manner which in turn encourages more people to become involved in community events. The members of the PRAC spend countless hours preparing for and volunteering for events that have been at the heart of Prince Rupert and without their commitment our community would lose so much of the cultural richness we are so proud of. Their commitment to showcasing the arts in Prince Rupert makes us a much more desirable place for those who live here and those looking at relocating to the north.
73 days ago The Arts Council is worthy for all the reasons that have been mentioned by previous nominators PLUS - they provide scholarships (2) to local high school graduates who pursue post-secondary study in an arts-related field. They provide financial support for many arts groups in our community and support new initiatives as well such as last year's mural project. The group is entirely operated by a volunteer board.
74 days ago The Prince Rupert Community Arts Council provides many opportunities for residents of Prince Rupert and the surrounding communities-- entertainment, craft shows, workshops, the community band, to name a few. These events and programmes are meeting places for people from all walks of life, and help to give life to our community. Many a dark evening is brightened by attendance at one of these events, and we all benefit, in one way or another.
74 days ago I very much appreciate the contributions of the Prince Rupert Community Arts Council. Their efforts on so many fronts, Thursday Night at the Movies, the wonderful November Craft Fair, musical and artistic offerings to enrich and enliven.
74 days ago They help organize many cultural events in Prince Rupert every year. The Craft Festival, Creative Jam, Thursday Night at the Movies, musical performances, Chocolate Festival and etc. They do a good job and deserve recognition.
75 days ago The PRCAC provides services to the community through events sponsored (Kaien Island Craft Fair, Creative Jam, Thursday Night at the Movies, etc.) allowing the council to support artists and organizations in their artistic pursuits.

» Prince Rupert Ground Search and Rescue

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74 days ago Prince Rupert Ground Search And Rescue has built a solid team of skilled, trained, competent and committed members to assist in searches for lost or missing persons in forest, mountain and Swiftwater areas in the Prince Rupert and surrounding area. They also work collaboratively with other search and rescue teams in neighbouring communities. These dedicated volunteers are working so hard to maintain a much needed service for the local recreation community.

» Prince Rupert Gymnastics Association

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69 days ago The Prince Rupert Gymnastics Association has worked so hard in this community to offer a space where the sport of gymnastics can be a part of our community. It all started with a few parents who were just following the lead of their children (who constantly spent time upside down in their living rooms and jumping from anything they could!) and they mobilized to finding coaches and a space to play. Now the PRGA is looking to expand into a much larger space to catch up to the growth of the club which now has a membership of close to 200 and a competitive team of 30. They expect to expand the coaching staff and out high level equipment in place to offer the best facility in the north to train gymnastics. The PRGA as been an incredible addition to our community!

» Prince Rupert Special Events Society

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53 days ago A team of volunteers that put on every significant festival and event here. Prince Rupert wouldn’t be what it is without the special events team
74 days ago These incredible volunteers dedicate hours upon hours organizing, planning and executing fabulous events and festivals for prince Rupert.