Individual Customer Service Excellence

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» Amol (Cornerstone Wellness)

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68 days ago Amol always goes above and beyond his treatment duties. Explaining in full his rationale and reasoning, he gains repeat customers only until you're healed and then you're sad to go!

» Angelo Octaviano (Island Wellness Massage Therapy)

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67 days ago Angelo should be nominated because he has build up his clientele since him and Sean opened up Island Wellness Massage Therapy. Angelo attracts new and repeat clients from Prince Rupert and other neighbouring communities. He is always booked solid. He is committed to his clients. He is very comfortable to talk to, and his dedication to therapeutic massage hasn’t gone unnoticed. He has a calming presence and a comfortable workspace.

» Callie Hill (Northern Health/Prince Rupert Regional Hospital)

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68 days ago Callie's calm demeanor makes an emergency room trip less scary. Often nurses are overworked and under-valued but Callie makes sure to treat everyone with empathy and respect, regardless of their reason for being there. I've never felt so confident in my care from her and the team up there.

» Cara Warren (MacCarthy GM)

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74 days ago Cara is the service manager for MacCarthy GM. She’s fantastic, she makes you feel like all you concerns are warranted and that your not just there to spend money. She makes the dealership a place I don’t mind going. I keep going back to MacCarthy because she knows my name and my vehicle. I’ve been going there for years and she still remembers that I like my vehicle dropped off because it easier for me.

» Dina Devost (Central Barbers)

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79 days ago Dina has always gone above and beyond to make sure her clients are happy, as well has her self and made the move to Central Barbers. A lot of her supportive clients moved with her as well. Says a lot about her clients.

» Dr. Ekjot Brar (Omnieye and Vision)

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64 days ago Dr Brar is an excellent, thorough and caring Optometrist. Her individual attention with each patient is never rushed, she does not trivialize or brush off a patient’s concerns but rather listens attentively in order to assure her patients or to find, validate and treat the cause of patient concern. From children to seniors, Dr Brar provides exceptionally Professional eye care!

» Jacqueline Bromley (Safeway)

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61 days ago she is the friendliest person in that store.
64 days ago Infectious laugh and genuinely cares about her customers
73 days ago Jackie treats every customer as family taking a sincere interest in them. She is efficient and friendly. I’ve watched people take the longer line just to pass the time with her. Always making sure you have what you need, and a smile besides!

» Janelle (Cornerstone Wellness)

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68 days ago Janelle is a true positive spirit in any recovery. Her hands on, gentle approach to therapy makes all the difference. Keeping you laughing the whole way through!

» Janessa (Parlour Salon)

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73 days ago Janessa always brings her A-Game to anything she does for her clients. Her work is amazing, I have never been unhappy with a haircut or colour from her. She is the only person my 5 year old will let cut his hair because of how she treats him. He used to be scared of getting his haircut because he didn’t know what to expect. She makes him comfortable, talks him through the whole process and also offers “grown up” conversation like what is new in his life and what are his new favourite things. She treats him as if he were her top paying client every single time.

» Kaila Beaudry (Crest Waterfront Restaurant)

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71 days ago First Class service, knowledge and has restaurant DNA in her system, third generation working in the Crest Hotel I look forward to have her look after us when we come for dinner, thank you Kaila !

» Kate Nel & Shauna Chandler (Harris & Wick Goldsmiths)

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78 days ago Kate & Shauna have been employed with Harris & Wick Goldsmiths for over 13 years. Both have a strong commitment to our business and Prince Rupert. They work hard to promote sales online, are friendly with customers and are very knowledgeable with products carried throughout the store.

» Kimberley Godfrey (McCarthy GM)

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57 days ago Kimberley has helped us with 3 vehicle purchases and each time proven to provide an above level of excellence in service. She has great knowledge and always smiling! I believe she truly needs to be recognized in that she enhances the business' reputauion with her genuine care for customers.
64 days ago Kimberley truly cares about her customers. From small vehicle purchase to large, used or new Kimberley makes each buyer feel as if they are her Most Important customer. She represents McCarthy with honesty and integrity providing excellent customer service, attention to detail and a very personal experience that creates a relationship of trust.

» Marni Sheppard (Impact Truck Centre)

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55 days ago Marni is the person on the phone making sure you get your appointment ,she is the person that greets you when you come in for servicing on your truck. She is the back bone of the office keeping it running smooth taking care of work orders parts billing and she does this with a smile!

» Mary Frohlich (Safeway)

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52 days ago Mary has a warm smile and is welcoming. Quick as well as efficient - provides super and friendly service. Always a pleasure to be served by Mary!
64 days ago Has been at Canada Safeway for many years and gives tremendous customer service. Always professional yet frolic in interacting with customers!

» Miranda Shaw (Naomi's Grill)

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65 days ago Miranda is awesome, when I go to Naomi's I will always sit in her section She can multi task as in take orders and serve and all with a smile.
75 days ago Miranda is consistant with her good attitude and big smile. Hands down best service you will get in town is from Miranda.
76 days ago She always makes sure the customer is looked after. Miranda is one of the best servers out there

» Nadia Movold (Remax Coast Mountains)

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62 days ago Loyal, honest , caring ,very hard working and loves to make people happy !

» Olivia Godin (Good Times Games)

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52 days ago A very knowledgeable gamer to have on staff.
52 days ago Can’t say enough about how Olivia is with our children!
58 days ago Olivia always goes out of her way to make everyone feel welcome that walks in. If you have ever walked in during a pokemon day you would be amazed how efficiently she keeps everything moving forward and always remembers the kids names no matter how many there are. All the staff at the store are fantasic but she always stands out!
61 days ago Exceptional young lady who goes all out to make the customers feel special.
65 days ago Great customer service. Always participating in local children's events dressed as Sarawyn the Elf. Participates in all the parades. The kids just love her.
67 days ago Olivia always goes that extra mile every time she speaks to customers. Whether one of the regulars or someone new, she always provides a welcoming and fun experience for all.
67 days ago Every kid in town knows Olivia's name - Sarawyn the Elf. Her D&D sessions are especially legendary as she was pivotal in getting girls to play more, and become involved in Good Time Games. Olivia runs fairy camps, pokemon camps, and so much more.
78 days ago She ALWAYS goes over the top helping customers and running events she is simple one of the best

» Paul Varies (Chances Prince Rupert)

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74 days ago Paul goes the extra mile at Chances Prince Rupert. He goes above and beyond to ensure all the patrons have a great entertainment experience. Whether its ensuring a jackpot is quickly acknowledged or helping a patron with special requests Paul always does his best to ensure everyone is happy.

» Riley McNeice (Not So Shaggy Dog Grooming)

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79 days ago Riley is always a pleasure to work with. Love bringing my dogs to her!

» Rob Gruber

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60 days ago Our town loves Rob. My son came home last night pumped that this guy came to his school and taught a gym full of kids how to sword fight. He doesn't just give great service in his store, he is a legend to the kids of our town. His heart is huge, he deserves any recognition he gets and makes living here special. Just a great person who gives the town his all every day.
68 days ago Guy is one of a kind. I can't say it any better than everyone else here but I wanted to add to the nominations. He is a really unique person and we are lucky to have him and his energy here. I don't know how he does it all, works two jobs, volunteers for everything, helps anyone in need. Maybe we should give the award to his wife, I can't imagine she ever sees the dude.
71 days ago Rob has a style and personality all of his own. Who else in town would dress like an elf and proudly walk the streets? Rob that's who! He's a great person through and through and is deserving of this award.
72 days ago Although honoured to even be considered and nominated in this award, I have Rob Gruber to thank for it all. Being able to watch him work and interact with the people of Prince Rupert everyday is inspiring to watch him. I dont know anyone who loves this community as much as he does. He will always go out of his way to make sure theres even for everyone. If your 4 or 80 he will always find the time for you in his shop!
73 days ago Can we just vote this guy for mayor or better yet PM? Whatever category, he’s my choice. When I grow up I just want to be this guy. He wears armor, gets to swing a sword, rides a fricking unicorn! guy lives in another world compared to everyone else but we are lucky we get to share a little bit of it through him. Has my vote, I would pay to see him fight Trudeau on PPV
75 days ago I know Rob always gets lots of credit for how enthusiastic he is and how passionate he is about everything he does at Good Times. It seems our town really recognizes him already but recently I learned how much he stands out in the rest of the world too. It is amazing that we have him to ourselves in this place. The guy is just special, and he makes everyone around him believe in what they are doing at that little place. Go in there on Friday afternoon and see how he interacts with the throng of kids, patient, attentive, he is a super hero to our kids and I for one am so happy he is an example they can aspire to be like. His staff are an extension of his personality too, they all share his fantastic outlook. I'm pretty sure he knows how much the town appreciates him, and I think it would be great to recognise someone else but I just kept coming back to Rob when I thought about this category. His impact is just so great on so many. Like others have mentioned, we are really lucky to have this guy and his store here. He stands out for so many reasons.
77 days ago Rob is hands on for the events at his store. He is constantly creating new ways to engage his customers and never hesitates to become the Elf King
77 days ago Rob is an innovative elf who loves children and loves to play. He will custom design a party or you can participate in any one of his many activities and events. My personal favourite, now that my children have grown, is his Ladies of Hawethorne Dungeons and Dragons evenings. The stories are custom written by Rob; fun, adventurous and hugely entertaining.

» Ryan Last (Good Times Games)

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63 days ago Every time my child attends a function at Good Times Games, Ryan is there with his game face on! He is friendly, kind and always willing to help us adult master our kids Pokémon, swords, board game obsession. Thank you for being so kind and knowledge. You are noticed!

» Sheri Pringle (Rupert Lawn and Garden)

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69 days ago Always helpful in finding products, positive attitude, straightforward, no nonsense approach
79 days ago Sheri is the Manager at the POP UP Flower store and her customer service skills are outstanding. She loves her job and it shows. She is constantly learning new things and shares that knowledge with her customers

» Tony DeBartolo (Shear Pleasure) (Hidden Barber)

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52 days ago Best barber in town!
58 days ago Tony work is up and above, his tight fades and hot shaves is what he is known for. He is truly gifted with his talent for barbering!
64 days ago Tony has the skills to put him above all the rest. He does slick cuts, tight fades and the best hot shave in town! Expert precision with excellent customer service makes Tony the barber to seek out!
67 days ago Regardless of what job Jas is doing for the City she goes above an beyond and takes pride in what she does. Week after week I watch her graciously do her job above and beyond with a smile on her face. When you come home to your garbage bin perfectly put away, know that she likely swept up your garbage from pesky crows and made sure your bin doesn't fill with water. Maybe it seems small to some but those little details mean the world. Go Jas!