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» Big Foot Business Development

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75 days ago Big foot do an amazing job of pulling indigenous communities, local business and industry together to create sustainable business growth for all. This growth benefits all within the community, creating lasting partnerships. Leanne Enns has a personal touch and in depth local knowledge that provides a huge advantage in development within this space.

» Coast Tsimshian Northern Contractors Alliance

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75 days ago Coast Tsimshian Northern Contractors Alliance (CTNCA) is dedicated to community involvement - sponsoring community dinners for Lax Kw'alaams, student bursaries for Coast Tsimshian Academy grade 12 students, and local sports teams leading up to the All Native Basketball Tournament. CTNCA is a multi-disciplined construction services partnership with IDL Projects, JV Driver, Ruskin, Broadwater Industries and Coast Tsimshian Enterprises (Lax Kw'alaams and Metlakatla). CTNCA provides high quality work to each of their projects. They are essential to building local capacity within the district, with a large First Nations workforce.

» Good Times Games and Electronics

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61 days ago When it comes to community involvement, the team st good times leads the pack. From participating in EVERY single community event, to running programs at local schools, these guys bring this community together.
71 days ago Rob and staff work with the communities future keeping the children engaged and striving to have better team oriented relationships and lives. They encourage safe play, development character and more. They provide camps on days the kids are out of school for affordable prices. Now what sets them all apart, even when a child has not been into the store in sometime, every staff member will stop and say hi, ask how they have been and show ultimate caring and support towards the child even when money is not being spent! They truly all care about the children of this community and that is the communities future!!! Thank you guys for all that you do!!!
74 days ago This place is amazing. The staff is the best and they are so involved in every aspect of the community making it a safe place for kids to be themselves. We are so lucky to have this place!!
75 days ago This group never misses a community event, never turns down the chance to donate to a cause, Rob personally steps up anytime anyone needs him for a charity or fundraiser too! Ryan and Olivia are big Extra Life fundraisers and it seems the entire store has a "Community First" attitude Not only putting forth money, the entire staff gives time and effort to our community events. Seafest wouldn't be the same without Rob and 50 kids in the parade, Children's Fest, Halloween Fest, and any other fest I can think of too. Good Times is community. Making Prince Rupert special for I don't even know how many years! I'd vote Rob for Prime Minister if I could.
75 days ago Rob, staff and others work tirelessly to make fun available to everyone, and all ages. They always donate what they can for special events when asked, always have a great demeanor, and inclusive of all. This community is so lucky to have Rob and this little store.
77 days ago Rob and his staff are at every event supporting the community
77 days ago Good Times Games has been a pillar of community involvement for many years. Between providing summer camps and activities for kids, and after school programs and pro d day services Good Times has something for everyone. Rob and Ryan and all their coworkers work hard to welcome new members of the community and create a space where everyone feels like they belong.
77 days ago This little store goes above and beyond very year providing a safe place for our children, a place where they not only play but learn. Children attending events here or just hanging out learn compassion, FairPlay and leadership.
78 days ago Rob never says he will step up every time. Whatever he asked to do he does. He helps in anyway he can
78 days ago This company is at every public event promoting safe, healthy gameplay. They teach our children to be good citizens and thoughtful human beings without preaching to them. They provide a place for friends and family to gather and play without pressure to purchase. GTG is a role model for children and adults alike.
78 days ago Rob and his staff are always present at any community event, entertaining the kids and wowing the adults. Very community oriented, always willing to step up
78 days ago In my opinion Good Time games has become more than just a business in the community, it has become a service provider for children in the community. Every time there is a special event, they are their, with either donations of items, or their time. Seafest, the Jingle Cruise, events for special needs children, Cancer fundraisers, the list goes on and on. Their swordplay, fairy camps, D&D games, hex bugs etc offer healthy safe environment that foster children's imaginations. There is nobody else like them in our community. We are very fortunate to have them and I would love to see them considered for the Community Involvement Award.

» Pembina

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75 days ago Pembina has fully integrated into the community supporting local infrastructure builds, sporting events and education/development initiatives. Company representatives have also been engaged in community development and sustainment initiatives. This is all prior to the company's terminal facility being fully operational.

» Prince Rupert Ground Search and Rescue

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74 days ago Prince Rupert Ground Search And Rescue has built a solid team of skilled, trained, competent and committed members to assist in searches for lost or missing persons in forest, mountain and Swiftwater areas in the Prince Rupert and surrounding area. They also work collaboratively with other search and rescue teams in neighbouring communities. These dedicated volunteers are working so hard to maintain and improve upon a much needed service for the local recreation community.

» Prince Rupert Special Events Society

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66 days ago This crew works tirelessly and often without much thanks to make our community the amazing place it is. Seafest, Halloweenfest and Winterfest are some of my favorite times here! They are unsung heroes and certainly deserve far more credit than they ever get. Step up and volunteer everyone, Special Events needs you!
79 days ago The Prince Rupert Special Events Society does a great job organizing festivals that are inclusive to everyone in our community. They help the community to rally together to host amazing festivals and activities at the festivals. If it were not for Special Events, we wouldn't have Seafest, our Canada Day celebrations, Winterfest or Children's Festival.