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» Art from Ashes

Submitted What nominators are saying
1 day ago Lianna Spence - best up and coming artist in BC. Amazing carved jewelry, paintings and now tattoos. An amazing lady and hidden gem in our community.

» Bubble Trouble

Submitted What nominators are saying
23 days ago We have been renting from Bubble Trouble for all three of our kids parties for the past 2 years and they never miss a beat. Kendall is great with the kids and always keeps them engaged and makes sure they are always having fun. I will definitely continue to rent from them!

» Cassiar Cannery

Submitted What nominators are saying
11 days ago They have done a great job opening this business. It is a place to heighten your senses. A retreat for all. With four unique, self-catering guest houses available for their clients. They have been very creative with their marketing and has been very successful at least to my knowledge. Looks like a winner of a business to me.

» Fortitude Fitness and Training

Submitted What nominators are saying
9 days ago The world of fitness and exercise can be one that appears daunting, intimidating, and overwhelming - not at Fortitude Fitness and Training. Jade is such a positive and welcoming trainer. She encourages and motivates her clients with her drive and dedication and does an amazing job leading by example. She has not only worked with people of all ages and skill levels, but has also volunteered and donated her time and services to help spread the love for healthy living. Jade's passion for her business is obvious and her clients are beyond lucky to have her. She is an exceptional candidate for this award.
20 days ago Jade is an amazing trainer, who always challenges you with new and different workouts. If you struggle to do an exercise because of a sports injury or pain, she will modify the workout to best suit you. She definitely deserves this award!
22 days ago Jade has a new and improved location on 3rd Ave East and is busier than ever. Her client base seems to be broadening all the time to all age brackets. Fun, energetic workouts!
26 days ago Jade has blown away the community of Prince Rupert with her passion and commitment to health and fitness. She strives to make sure all her clients are being challenged in a safe and healthy way. She's volunteered and worked towards expanding the health and fitness opportunities for the youth of our town and has provided different ways for them to educate themselves in this area of wellness. She is more than deserving of this award! She is the definition of a successful young entrepreneur!

» Island Sugar

Submitted What nominators are saying
15 days ago This impressive business has been growing. They won $2,500 from the ThriveNorth Business Challenge in 2016 with their ice-cream tri-cycle concept during the summer. They also have their presence at events such as the craft fair.

» Kent Orton

Submitted What nominators are saying
9 days ago Mr. Kent Orton is a miracle worker. He is very professional and helpful.

» Kristen Barre - Personal Trainer

Submitted What nominators are saying
22 days ago A dedicated hard working personal trainer, entrepreneur, and incredible singer. She was flexible with her schedule to accommodate mine. Kristen will work with you not only with your health, nutritions & exercise, she will do her research to find programs/routines and customize/personalize it if you have sports injuries, poor work postures or strengthen certain muscle groups for a specific motion/movements. She helped me strengthen my knees so I can play sports again.

» LeBlanc Boutique

Submitted What nominators are saying
16 days ago Marcie LeBlanc was born and raised in Rupert and although she spent several years away to achieve an exemplary education at Blanche Macdonald, she gained invaluable experience in fashion. She pursued this from a young age as an avid hobby which she built into her eventual career. She brought the big town feel of fashion with a LeBlanc flair back to her home town and has been thriving since her doors opened in Cow Bay just two short years ago. She celebrated that date by giving Prince Rupert a huge thanks back by having a two day anniversary sale on the entire store. Marcie goes above and beyond in all aspects as an entrepreneur with her business and seems to never slow her pace of growing her business and giving back to the community of Prince Rupert.

» Lloyd Doolan

Submitted What nominators are saying
18 days ago An entrepreneur and personal trainer. With proven results, Lloyd works closely with his clients to obtain optimal results.

» Mark Zarvie

Submitted What nominators are saying
16 days ago He is a great personal trainer helps you out with any questions and focus on your personal goals. Helps you try new thing at the gym and become more confident in your training.
18 days ago Great personal trainer and client experience. Nice person to work with.

» McDonald's Restaurant

Submitted What nominators are saying
9 days ago Mr. David Wood is a quiet and successful entrepreneur. He has worked hard all his life to save up to invest in the local McDonald's restaurant which is not a small investment by any means. While he is not working, he trains and is the super star goalie of the Rupert Rampage. McDonald's Restaurant is also a Platinum sponsor for the Rampage as well. Great to have you in our community David.

» Northern Online Results (Reid Skelton-Morven)

Submitted What nominators are saying
5 days ago Reid is very hard working, so kind to his community and very professional to all the people around him. Reid strives for success and is always humble when he does so.
6 days ago Eager Determined Confident Team player Leader Positive AND much much more! Caroline
6 days ago Reid is a top notch man who is motivated, dedicated, wants to reach the stars with his business proposals, is flexible, has a good head for business and needs his break to move him forward in his dream profession. His dedication will speak for itself.
6 days ago Reid is a top notch man who is motivated, dedicated, wants to reach the stars with his business proposals, is flexible, has a good head for business and needs his break to move him forward in his dream profession. His dedication will speak for itself.
14 days ago Reid established notoriety for his Skeena Exterior Cleaning & Coatings startup during a meteoric ascent through the 2017 Thrive North Business Challenge. His passionate commitment to entrepreneurship and networking has become an example to even broader audiences through his service to the Chamber of Commerce as Youth Director. His forthcoming Northern Online Results venture (with Matthew Kloepper) is another example of this dynamic individual's ability to recognize, define and serve a regional market. On top of his motivational speaking and leadership with the Prince Rupert Toastmasters, Reid models a Northern BC entrepreneurial spirit that is energetic, resilient and forward-looking.

» Outer Coast Outfitters

Submitted What nominators are saying
11 days ago These guides can do anything and everything including hiking, canoeing, snowshoeing or survival skills. They will connect you to any interests connected to real life adventure. They provide courses for yourself or your children in an after-school program. Excellent hard working people & business.

» Parlour Hair Boutique

Submitted What nominators are saying
28 days ago New hair salon - excellent reputation and client experience.
28 days ago Every experience I have had at Parlour is awesome. You can tell how passionate Tyla is about hair just from the first 10 minutes of your appointment. It hasn't even been a year since she opened and she's already got a great clientele. Tyla deserves this award!!

» Phase 2 Fitness

Submitted What nominators are saying
16 days ago I have known this young man since he was 5 years old. I have watched him grow up to be quite a remarkable man. He has worked very hard to get himself where he is today. I live 1000 kilometres away and follow his fitness program on line. He has taught himself much about fitness by taking courses, reading books watching videos and he practice's what he preaches on a daily bases. When I watch his videos I'm saying to myself good grief how do you do that! ! He is passionate about what he does, he is determined to strive to the next level of fitness. Keep in mind a few years ago he had to quit his job because of severe back problems. Through blood sweat and tears he has got himself, in my opinion to an amazing fitness level. All you have to do is watch this guy's videos, the strength and determination is astounding. I think the title of Young Entrepreneur is very fitting for Mark Zarvie!! He is very deserving. Good luck Mark. Give his business a try and watch yourself Phase 2 Fitness!! Respectfully submitted by Connie Walsh

» Pinnacle Performance

Submitted What nominators are saying
23 days ago From personal training, biggest loser competitions, child friendly classes, working with youth, seminars, nutritional guides and more. Linda at Pinnacle performance assists beginners and serious athletes alike, and not only that she does it was a positive, upbeat personality. She is a great example of a successful young entrepreneur.

» Red Shadow Boxing and Fitness

Submitted What nominators are saying
10 days ago RBS's owner Davit & Kirsten are the best trainers in town hands down. They are great partners in life and in business. Their marketing ideas are so amazing. They are they brain for You: Version Two. Thank you for all your help.

» Rupert Acoustics Ltd

Submitted What nominators are saying
10 days ago This family run business symbolize the generational resiliency of entrepreneurship. They are professional, well priced, on budget and time. Look forward to do more business in many years to come.

» Rupert.Tech Consulting

Submitted What nominators are saying
16 days ago David Tran is the owner and co-founder of Rupert.Tech Consulting. I recently had my computer serviced by David and was completely satisfied with the amount of advice and options he provided me. He is just operating a small business for friends and family only as he is also working full time. Here are a few things that I found out about David that not too many people know: he recently graduated from BCIT with BCIT Alumni Association Award, BCIT Bachelor of Technology Achievement Award in Computer Systems, DEAN's Award for Bachelor's Degree and the Linda & Allan Stefanson Memorial Award Legacy of Leadership Award. Here is what his company Rupert.Tech Consulting can do: web development, storage solutions, database integration, hardware consultation, and APP development.

» Sew It Yourself

Submitted What nominators are saying
5 days ago WOW!! A vibrant New store in the downtown core. The owners are taking a big risk and they are doing a stunning job. The storefront looks fascinating. As you walk by, you just want to go in and have a look, then you end up buying something. Tremendous work has been input into this business.

» Silver Grizzly Transportation

Submitted What nominators are saying
11 days ago They offer luxury transportation in Prince Rupert and even to Terrace and Kitimat with personalized service, catering to the needs of their customers. They specialized in corporate business travel with complimentary wifi, refreshments, and iPad use. It is the best way to travel with them.

» Strands Hair Salon

Submitted What nominators are saying
20 days ago Not only is Breann Paulson an incredibly talented stylist, she runs a very welcoming and professional salon. I think we underestimate the demands placed on mothers who run businesses, and Breann balances those demands with professionalism. She definitely deserves this award.

» Sum Shockin Good

Submitted What nominators are saying
9 days ago Sum shockin good said it all.