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» Lighten Up Electric

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303 days ago Kevin has worked hard to build his company and has a great staff.

» Not So Shaggy Dog Grooming

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308 days ago Riley is a very successful young entrepreneur
310 days ago I believe Riley is an excellent candidate for Young Entrepreneur of the Year. She is the perfect role model for young business persons as she took something she loved and turned it into a viable business. In just a few short months her business has become fully booked and she has returning clients.
310 days ago Riley is such a hard worker and is super dedicated to her work, she is super passionate about the work she is doing. She went to school and finished at a young age and now has her own business. Just after opening she started to become super busy and is always booked. This is what she is suppose to do. She deserves this
310 days ago Riley McNeice is an incredibly professional, and talented businesswoman who is so passionate about what she does. She worked so hard to start up what has become a very successful business.
310 days ago Riley is a young entrepreneur who saw a need in this community and filled in the gap!
314 days ago I would like to Not So Shaggy Dog Grooming owner Riley McNeice as Young Entrepreneur of the Year. Riley identified a need in our community and got herself training and set up and is now running a very busy business. Her inventiveness to set up shop in a trailer is awesome, she keeps her Facebook page update with photos of her clients and I look forward to seeing these on Facebook. Way to go Riley!

» Pinnacle Performance

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309 days ago Linda has grown an empire of fitness and health with her business. She cares about her clients progress. From her group classes, to personal training and workout booklets she takes it to the next level. Very professional and clearly loves the work she does!

» Riley McNeice (Not So Shaggy Don Grooming)

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308 days ago Riley is pursuing something that she loves doing and is making her own dreams come true. She truely loves animals and dealing with customers. She has been very successful thus far and has grown her business from the ground up on her own, with the support of her family and friends.

» Sum Shockin' Good

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286 days ago Friendly service. Great food. Tasty desserts. Great people.