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» Art from Ashes

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1 day ago Lianna Spence - best up and coming artist in BC. Amazing carved jewelry, paintings and now tattoos. An amazing lady and hidden gem in our community.

» Coastaltek Fire and Water Restoration

Submitted What nominators are saying
12 days ago They are the first local fire and water restoration company . It’s nice to support a local business .

» Genetics Fitness

Submitted What nominators are saying
24 days ago Yvonne has worked so hard to open a gym open 24/7 at an affordable price! The equipment is top notch and Yvonne works hard to make her gym available and accessible to everyone. Genetic Fitness is a Prince Rupert Minor Basketball Sponsor this year on top of being ( hopefully) a Rookie Business of the year recipient!

» Green Island Coastal Charters Ltd.

Submitted What nominators are saying
24 days ago With a full season behind them GICC has provided safe reliable charters to the fishing and tourism market.

» Island Sugar

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15 days ago This impressive business has been growing. They won $2,500 from the ThriveNorth Business Challenge in 2016 with their ice-cream tri-cycle concept during the summer. They also have their presence at events such as the craft fair.

» LeBlanc Boutique

Submitted What nominators are saying
11 days ago Marcie LeBlanc was born and raised in Rupert and although she spent several years away to achieve an exemplary education at Blanche Macdonald, she gained invaluable experience in fashion. She pursued this from a young age as an avid hobby which she built into her eventual career. She brought the big town feel of fashion with a LeBlanc flair back to her home town and has been thriving since her doors opened in Cow Bay just two short years ago. She celebrated that date by giving Prince Rupert a huge thanks back by having a two day anniversary sale on the entire store. Marcie goes above and beyond in all aspects as an entrepreneur with her business and seems to never slow her pace of growing her business and giving back to the community of Prince Rupert.

» McDonald's Restaurant

Submitted What nominators are saying
9 days ago Mr. David Wood is a quiet and successful entrepreneur. He has worked hard all his life to save up to invest in the local McDonald's restaurant which is not a small investment by any means. While he is not working, he trains and is the super star goalie of the Rupert Rampage. McDonald's Restaurant is also a Platinum sponsor for the Rampage as well. Great to have you in our community David.

» Mission Health and Wellness

Submitted What nominators are saying
22 days ago I love this store! Farah comes with a wealth of knowledge about the product in her store. I love the organic selection of cooking spices and sauces, choice of natural peanut, cashew and almond butters with no perservatives. Every question I ask, she can answer whether it be a remedy to help belly pain or the best delicious healthy snack to get me through my long work day at work! Farah is approachable and helpful.
22 days ago Mission offers a lot of different products that promote healthy living to a wide variety of people with varying health goals. Organic natural sports nutrition for fitness enthusiasts, vegan alternatives to meat and dairy, gluten free options, personal care items for those who want a chemical free alternatives for their skin and body. She also has lots of snacks which I like to indulge in every so often like chips, chocolate and fizzy drinks, none of which I can tell contain any chemicals or perservatives. She even got me loving essential oils. Have a kid with a cold? Put a diffuser with eucalytus in their room overnight and see if they wake you up, coughing. Almost every time she's been asked to carry something in her store that previously has been only found online, she's been able to bring it into the store and a surprisingly competitive price! Keep it coming Farah!
24 days ago this business is fantastic.....Farah Murphy is a professional who knows her products. A great place to shop Healthy choices we need these days with the spiraling cost of health care. A very friendly store. mission health and wellness will make a difference...
27 days ago Mission Heath and Wellness takes great pride in not only being able to provide the community with healthy advice and options, but also supporting so many other small businesses from Prince Rupert and the surrounding areas. To date, Mission provides a venue for 7 Northern BC entrepreneurs to showcase their locally made products. Haida Jaada, Essential Coast, Moberry's Bath and Body, Diane's All Natural Healing Salves from Prince Rupert, White Goat Coffee and Harrow Community Foods from Terrace and North Pacific Kelp from Haida Gwaii. Mission continues to develop more partnerships within the community to support growth in the local economy.
28 days ago Mission Health and Wellness provided great services and choices for individual’s and society’s health and wellness.
28 days ago Mission is an awesome addition to Rupert. Farah is great with customers and you can tell how dedicated she is to making her store a success. She's always tending to customers' requests for certain product and she's always educating herself on health trends and wellness products. Mission is more than just a health food store, they have candles, oils, salt rick lamps and so much more. I also think it's so awesome how Mission sells locally made products!
28 days ago I believe mission health should be nominated for this award because they have a great selection of natural products and supplements. It is really great having another health food store in Rupert, especially because mission has a big selection and variety of products. Also, Farah is such a nice person and works really hard to bring in anything you are looking for.
28 days ago Great start up, offers a wide range of health products.
28 days ago What a great environment and Farrah is passionate about her community as well as wellness. She also has and incredible business for just starting out.
29 days ago This store has filled a gap in our community. Farah provides excellent customer service and brings in new products all the time. she is always seeking new ideas and ways to promote healthy living to our community. Also, her store is creating new jobs for people in Prince Rupert.

» Parlour Hair Boutique

Submitted What nominators are saying
1 day ago I recently went to Tyla at Parlour for the first time and the service was hands down the best experience I've ever had at a hair salon. You're greeted a the door by smiles and the cutest little greyhound Uki. The atmosphere is relaxing and very luxurious. It has such a high end feel, but at the same time Tyla and her team let you feel right at home. They offer a variety of fancy drinks and the candy jar is always full with other goodies. I walked out feeling pampered and so happy about the whole experience. Not to mention I had some great looking hair!!! Tyla and her team are killing it and I really think for a business being in it's first year, they're doing everything right. Good job ladies
10 days ago Tyla and her growing team of stylists are absolutely amazing. The wealth of information on products and styling has kept me going back again and again. They are friendly, and just an absolute delight.
28 days ago Tyla Malcolm provides excellent customer service as well as new and trendy styles and products for her clientele. When Parlour first opened it was just Tyla running her salon and due to her quick success she expanded her business to incorporate another hair stylist and a salon assistant to meet the demand. She has managed to create a salon with a big city feel in our small town providing quality services and products.

» Salty Mermaid Salon & Spa

Submitted What nominators are saying
3 days ago Brandi Hansen from the Salty Mermaid has trained and practiced as a hairstylist all over the world. Not only is she a specialist when it comes to hair but she also does media makeup as well. She has studied and worked internationally giving her a plethora of skills you won't find anywhere else. With her many years of practice and experience, Not only has she become a teacher and educator of her field, but she has also earned the title Master Stylist. On top of what she offers as a hairstylist and make up artist, her salon in Prince Rupert is filled with snacks, treats and beverages for her clients to enjoy while getting a service that is unmatched anywhere in the northwest. Although the Salty Mermaid is new to Prince Rupert this year, Brandi is already booked into 2018 with a backlog of clients who are, not only amazed by her incredible skills as a master stylist, but also love the wonderful company and bubbly personality that comes with an unbeatabke service.

» Seal Cove Neighbourhood Pub

Submitted What nominators are saying
16 days ago Food is spectacular! We needed them to come back!

» Sew It Yourself

Submitted What nominators are saying
5 days ago WOW!! A vibrant New store in the downtown core. The owners are taking a big risk and they are doing a stunning job. The storefront looks fascinating. As you walk by, you just want to go in and have a look, then you end up buying something. Tremendous work has been input into this business.

» Silver Grizzly Transportation

Submitted What nominators are saying
11 days ago They offer luxury transportation in Prince Rupert and even to Terrace and Kitimat with personalized service, catering to the needs of their customers. They specialized in corporate business travel with complimentary wifi, refreshments, and iPad use. It is the best way to travel with them.

» Sum Shockin Good

Submitted What nominators are saying
11 days ago It's some non-shocking great food. Fast and tasty food served to your preference. Darren & Roma are so helpful. Thank you for being everywhere!

» Synergy Aboriginal Business Strategies

Submitted What nominators are saying
15 days ago A consulting firm led by Judy Carlick-Pearson. She is a strong leader in her community where she was the first elected First Nations woman to sit on the Prince Rupert City Council. She was also elected as a Trustee for School District 52. She takes pride in leading youths in her community.

» The Cook-A-Roux

Submitted What nominators are saying
1 day ago Rookie Business of the Year, YES! Amazing food, true vegetarian and vegan options delivered to my door. Not only does this business offer great value for money and delivery to my door, it has THE BEST food in town. Can't get enough Cook-A-Roux.

» The Olive Restaurant

Submitted What nominators are saying
27 days ago Since opening in May of 2017, The Olive has created a one of a kind dining experience located within the Pacific Inn. The quality of the fresh ingredients combined within a newly renovated space located within the Pacific Inn, has allowed the Olive to gain a great reputation and following by the local public here in Prince Rupert.