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» Drift

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310 days ago Filled a void in town

» Genetics Fitness

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306 days ago Genetics fitness is almost two years old and it is a gym that caters to everyone no matter their experience level with fitness. Yvonne is always willing to help give advice when asked. Her main goal is to see everyone excel in their fitness goals

» Great Bear Natural Medicine Clinic

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308 days ago The doctors at this clinic have changed my life and are extremely caring. They filled a void in the town that was needed. And having a naturopath in town and a chiropractor who is available full time is such a great addition. They have worked hard and continue to add people to their clinic and also add to it by taking part in the community. They even started a hiking club for kids.

» Mission Health & Wellness

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307 days ago I would like to nominate Mission Health and Wellness as Rookie Business of the Year for the second year in a row. In just under 2 years of opening, their store inventory has doubled in size to meet the needs of their customers. They have increased their staff to include a summer student, a part-time high school student and an aromatherapy student in training. Mission has also been a strong advocate for supporting local entrepreneurs. To date, they support 8 local businesses by advertising and selling their products in store thus, driving the local economy. The staff is always pleasant and willing to go above and beyond to help the customer. I am glad we have Mission to support our community!

» Not So Shaggy Dog Grooming

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296 days ago Riley started her business from nothing and now just a few months later is fully booked a month or so in advance. Not everyone has the courage to get the necessary education and then start their own business from scratch. She has marketed herself very well and sticks to what she advertised. What more can the public ask for?
310 days ago Riley took an idea for a business based on her love for animals and a need that Prince Rupert had, and in just a couple months has managed to book her schedule completely. She is highly active on social media where her clients and followers can see pictures, her schedule, and updates. It's clear that this business can and will continue to grow. Her hard work should serve as an inspiration for anyone starting a new business.
310 days ago The owner has the determination,perseverance, and passion to succeed. She is so young and has already conquered so much. Stepping outside of your comfort zone and taking a chance on your dream is scary, and she did so without looking back. And look where it has gotten her. Nobody deserves this more!
310 days ago Riley is such a hard worker and is super dedicated to her work, she is super passionate about the work she is doing. Just after opening she started to become super busy and is always booked. This is what she is suppose to do. She deserves this
310 days ago Because she started her business this year on her own!
310 days ago This lady had a dream and she followed it!! So successful
310 days ago Riley McNeice is an incredibly professional, and talented businesswoman who is so passionate about her business. She worked so hard to start up what has become a very successful business.
310 days ago This is Riley’s first year in business and is doing amazing in this community!
310 days ago Riley is dedicated to giving the best service for her clients and making sure she has a warm, welcoming environment for their pets. She gives great recommendations and works had to ensure her customers are happy. Great work Riley.
314 days ago See my other nomination about Not So Shaggy Dog Grooming

» The Cook-A-Roux

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294 days ago very new but very amazing the food is truly exquisite (I recommend the enchiladas)
311 days ago What can I say about the food and service from Cook-a-Roux. The food is delicious, OMG the pastry is amazing. I have had many, many items from the Cook-a-Roux and they are all awesome. All the ordering is done online super convenient easy to use and the food come right to my door and all I have to do is reheat when we are ready for dinner or if I get a bowl or dessert it is ready to eat now. The service is top notch too, online and in person.