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» 2nd Avenue Clinic

Submitted What nominators are saying
5 days ago The girls at the office are fantastic. They recognize me as soon as I walk into the door. The doctors are available to help when they are not on vacation.

» Alan Hooper

Submitted What nominators are saying
23 hours ago He is so nice to everyone
5 days ago He do a lot for the community and help out the Chamber whenever they need him to fill in for presentations.

» Andres Electronic Experts

Submitted What nominators are saying
15 days ago Being of an older generation the electronic gadget is a learning curve for me. Through my endless visits with long lists of phone questions I am always greeted as a friend with a smile. Never making me feel like a nuisance. In a time where smiles are sometimes hard to come by I really appreciate the whole staff at Andre's and all they have done for me. They have really gone beyond my expectations and I will continue going back for all I may need.
15 days ago All staff go above and beyond and spend a lot of time with people like me. All my stuff was moved from one phone to the other and they told me if i wanted to sneak away for coffee or something i could. Jackie and the staff always make sure I'm super happy before leaving their store it's great to walk in knowing my phone problems will be solved before i leave there again. Great staff super knowledgeable and friendly.
21 days ago All the staff will go above and beyond for anyone who walks in. The try their hardest to make sure you have the best experience in store whether it's buying something or just getting help with basic trouble shooting. These people constantly and consistently try to make you feel at home and like you are part of their family. Turning on cartoons for small kids, making sure all your content from one phone to the other is there and if you want a tv or home audio set that you do get the best price right down to price matching with other stores for you while you are there.

» Bob Gruber Sr

Submitted What nominators are saying
4 days ago Half a century providing the best Plumbing and Heating service for Prince Rupert. He knows more buildings, and has provided service to more customers professionally than can be measured. Even today at 77 years old he continues to provide service to our community. He should be awarded a lifetime achievement award of some kind.

» Canada Safeway Pharmacy

Submitted What nominators are saying
17 days ago Canada Safeway Pharmmacy in Prince Rupert has long earned mmy respect. I can't thank themm all enough for how understanding, gentle, patient & professional every one of themm are in dealing with mmy elderly father whomm suffers fromm Alzheimmers. I've seen first hand how each treats all their Pharmmacy clients and wish to honour themm with mmy nommination.

» City of Prince Rupert

Submitted What nominators are saying
7 days ago The ladies offer a service "par excellence" with a delightful, cheerful disposition. If they don't have the answer they will find you someone who has...and right now. Can't beat that!
8 days ago Excellent customer service. Friendly and courteous service, knowledge and willingness to provide information and/or assistance. I have been assisted in more than one occasion. Keep up the good work.
18 days ago There’s been a huge shift in the quality of service at City Hall. They have new team there since last year and the girls are always pleasant no matter what they have to do and they do a lot. They had a lot of on the job training all at the same time and they surprised me with their knowledge and confidence. I’m in there often to see an inspector and I find them all eager to help and keep learning. They deal with some horrible customers and I’ve never seen any of them lose their cool. There is a sense of pride and professionalism I haven’t seen in many years.

» Dr. Brar

Submitted What nominators are saying
5 days ago After taking over the office from Dr. Adams, Dr. Brar is a great dentist in the community. She is a great asset for the community.

» Dr. Corbett

Submitted What nominators are saying
5 days ago Dr. Corbett possesses a reputation for consistent customer satisfaction and much respect from his peers. He demonstrates exemplary standards as a dentist.

» easyFinancial Services

Submitted What nominators are saying
5 days ago With the new boss, this place is so easy to borrow money. No questions asked, the manager is so easy to deal with, friendly, charismatic, and you dont need as much paperwork to be done. He just approve you on the spot.

» Gateway Dental Clinic

Submitted What nominators are saying
5 days ago Everyone on staff are helpful here. Best dentist in town with great parking space.

» Green Island Coastal Charters Ltd.

Submitted What nominators are saying
24 days ago Safety is priority No. 1 with Captain John! Pre-boarding safety awareness, TC vessel compliance and applicable training is paramount to passengers on wildlife and fishing charters.

» Independent Respiratory Services

Submitted What nominators are saying
5 days ago A well rounded team that always go above and beyond to help.

» Johal & Associates

Submitted What nominators are saying
5 days ago He is the best accountant in town. He is so friendly, knowledgeable, and always readily available to help. I hope he expand his business so he can take on more clients. I recommend him to my family and friends all the time.

» Kent Orton

Submitted What nominators are saying
9 days ago Mr. Kent Orton is a miracle worker. He is very professional and helpful.

» Kristen Barre - Personal Trainer

Submitted What nominators are saying
9 days ago When I initially began seeing Kristen, I believed cardio was all I needed to do to keep fit. Four years later, I can say I’m thankful for all the information I gained from Kristen- nutritional advice, adding weights to my workout routine, not focusing on numbers and measurements and most importantly maintaining balance (yes, you CAN treat yourself once in a while) I feel the strongest and most confident I have in a long time. Kristen maintained a professional working relationship while encouraging and pushing me when I wanted to give up. I’ve taken the knowledge I’ve gained to keep going and become even stronger on my own. We’ve become close friends and often workout as partners which is all thanks to her believing in me, knowing I am strong. Even now, if I have any questions or need a change, Kristen is always there and willing to help me in whatever way she can.
17 days ago After a two year hiatus from working out I was in need of some motivation to get back into a regular work out routine. Kristen was encouraging, knowledgeable and very personable. She gave me multiple routines that I could do at home and on the road, and also provided information about clean eating and making a life style change as opposed to a restrictive diet. She gave me the push I needed to get back into an active lifestyle, and I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to meet their physical goals, whether it be weight loss or strength training.
20 days ago I would like to nominate Kristen barre for this because she is one of the best trainer i have met. She is very professional and knowledgeable person. She believes in cusomized program for each client. Beacuse of her i got my fitness and health back.
21 days ago I've been working with Kristen for 5 years now. She taught me how to work around my limitations, and has educated me about proper nutrition specifically to meet my goals. Because of the tools she has given me I've lost the weight I wanted to and kept it off and am stronger than ever. I feel if I want to stay strong in my latter years I have to keep active and strong and if it wasn’t for her encouraging and pushing me I would be right back where I started. She's extremely cognizant of people's abilities and limitations and works to push you in a safe and encouraging way. Thank you Kristen, you work me hard but I do appreciate it.
21 days ago Kristen exudes professional excellence in everything she does. The minute you start working with her you immediately understand that she will do whatever it takes to get you to your goals. She is knowledgeable in every aspect of bring a personal trainer, and is able to instantly assess her clients needs. She also personally adheres to the same standards she teaches her clients. She has a endless energy to serve her clients and a personal work ethic that I personally envy.
22 days ago Kristen Barre is extremely professioanal and her training will always be what is best for you. She is well trained, educated in her field, has great experience and her programs and training are based on and completely for the individual/client. Not only do you feel better psychically after training with her you feel great mentally. What I also LOVE is that Kristen values a holistic approach and doesn't cut corners with fad diets and supplements. Instead she gives you lifelong tools for continued success.

» Large Clinic

Submitted What nominators are saying
5 days ago A little clinic called Large Clinic hidden away near Mariners park is a gem in the community.

» Manulife Financial

Submitted What nominators are saying
10 days ago Doug Kydd at Manulife Financial is a staple to this community. He exemplifies a true community member. The amount of involvements and volunteer hours whether MC'ing at events and helping with rotary, Doug never turn down to help.

» McElhanney Consulting Services Ltd.

Submitted What nominators are saying
5 days ago Johnathon and his team at McElhanney are involved with many projects in Prince Rupert. They do great work for buildings and projects such as the Ashley Store.

» Northern Savings Credit Union

Submitted What nominators are saying
7 days ago Great experience working with the staff at NSCU. They go above and beyond to help and are very knowledgeable.
28 days ago Great team of staff who always go above and beyond to help

» Northwest Counselling Centre Ltd.

Submitted What nominators are saying
5 days ago Not too well known until you actually need their help. They are ready to lend a hand to assist.

» Omni Eye & Vision

Submitted What nominators are saying
18 days ago They do great work there. The doctor fly in every week from out of town to help the patients.

» Pacific Coast Veterinary

Submitted What nominators are saying
16 days ago Dr. Kennedy his coworkers at Pacific Coast Veterinary are busy. When we took our pets in for checkout, the phone was ringing non-stop. More patients with their pets come in every 10-15mins. They're helpful and treat the pets like their own.

» Prince Rupert Community Health

Submitted What nominators are saying
5 days ago These people should be recognized for their work in the community.

» Prince Rupert Dental Clinic

Submitted What nominators are saying
5 days ago They are so friendly there. It is really easy to schedule an appointment with them.

» Prince Rupert Optometry

Submitted What nominators are saying
13 days ago My family is glad that this doctor is back in Prince Rupert. Brandy has always been helpful for us. Keep up the good work guys!
18 days ago Great new business in town. Another optometry in town that has great brands and options. This is great for the community.

» Realty Executives Prince Rupert

Submitted What nominators are saying
18 days ago The team at Realty Executives Prince Rupert has shown tremendous growth over the last year. The dynamic duo of Thai Pham and Michal Sluka with strong leadership of Gordon Kobza form a formidable real estate firm. They provide excellence in customer service, and professionalism in their field.

» Rupert Acoustics Ltd

Submitted What nominators are saying
10 days ago This family run business symbolize the generational resiliency of entrepreneurship. They are professional, well priced, on budget and time. Look forward to do more business in many years to come.

» Rupert Wood'N Steel Construction Ltd

Submitted What nominators are saying
28 days ago The owners at Rupert Wood'N Steel have a proven track record of providing excellence in both customer service and exemplary adherence to professional standards.

» Salty Mermaid Salon & Spa

Submitted What nominators are saying
3 days ago Brandi Hansen is an international hair stylist, corrections specialist and media make up artist. She was trained at Aveda in Vancouver which is a world renowned academy for hair. With all this training and experience it's no wonder she offers a service you can't find anywhere else. She goes above and beyond for each client working with every individual to make sure they get exactly what they want.

» Save On Foods

Submitted What nominators are saying
12 days ago Save On Foods under new management, Nate Alcos, has improved their quality of goods and services. Their selection of produce, bulk products, and asian options have garnered significant increase in clientele. Nate ensures his staff greet you at the door with a smile and his pricing is very competitive. Save On Foods has been very creative to compete with Safeway. They have customer appreciation days, delivery vehicle, local sponsorships, Rampage promos, etc. Mr. Alcos was recently on Heart of the City. Save On Foods also have great Pharmacy staff. They are very friendly and always helpful.

» Synergy Aboriginal Business Strategies

Submitted What nominators are saying
15 days ago A consulting firm led by Judy Carlick-Pearson. She is a strong leader in her community where she was the first elected First Nations woman to sit on the Prince Rupert City Council. She was also elected as a Trustee for School District 52. She takes pride in leading youths in her community.

» Warehouse One

Submitted What nominators are saying
8 days ago They have a wonderful selection of clothes and they have friendly staff.