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» Carol's Nail Creations

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288 days ago Carol goes above and beyond for her clients. She does her best to get you an appointment around your work schedule. Shes very creative and talented, she does amazing artwork on her clients nails.
289 days ago She always has great customer service. Works long hours, and does her best to make it work with your work schedule. I've been getting my nails done by her for 5 years and some and have never been disappointed.

» City Hall Customer Service

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287 days ago The ladies at city hall customer service desk are always friendly and happy to help. They have a very professional attitude towards their work. They find answers to difficult question quickly, and ensure that they get this information back to you in a timely manner.

» Crest Waterfront Restaurant

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309 days ago When I think of the Waterfront restaurant I think excellence. The service staff are so friendly and knowledgeable. Everything on the menu is amazing! You can't get a better meal in town! Food and service combined is definitely professional excellence!

» Great Bear Natural Medicine Clinic

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307 days ago Kyli and Taylor Seier are amazing! With their extensive knowledge within their fields they have helped numerous people within our community! I am very fortunate to be a patient of theirs and I am very happy that Prince Rupert has them!
309 days ago Taylor and Kyli Seier are kind caring professionals who believe in gaining and maintaining good health. They are also involved in and giving to the community. Their presence in Prince Rupert is a very positive addition to all of us living here.

» Gutter Brothers

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313 days ago Always pleasing and ready to get the job done. Gutter Brothers delivers every time.

» Kristen Barre Personal Trainer

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306 days ago Kristen goes over and beyond for her clients. Not only does she have an amazing personality, she is tremendously inspirational and highly motivating. She is very knowledgeable in what she does and very helpful in making better life choices for your self. Her workouts are hardcore BUT amazing and fun!! She pushes you when you really need it. I would highly recommend her as a personal trainer to anyone!!

» North Coast Review

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284 days ago Best news source in Rupert, with no sucking up to advertisers.
284 days ago Thank god for the North Coast Review doing in-depth coverage of critical stories like Prince Rupert's drinking water problems, instead of just parroting whatever City Hall (or Lee Brain's Facebook) is peddling. Thank you for raising important questions and sharing real information.
286 days ago The only real news coverage in Prince Rupert.
286 days ago Produces decent long form stories on the town, going in depth into the issues that other sources don't really touch. Also with a focus on other things that are happening around town.
286 days ago Does what journalists are supposed to do, make politicians accountable to the people they serve.
291 days ago The North Coast Review news blog upholds a standard of thorough, consistent and knowledgeable reporting that mainstream media sources aspire to (and in fact often refer to for story ideas). While honouring the centuries-old tradition of journalistic anonymity, it dares to speak truth to power by providing analysis beyond superficial reportage. Its documentation and cross-referencing of diverse subjects (over almost ten years) has resulted in the richest record of Prince Rupert current affairs available anywhere. It is time the author(s) of this publication are recognized for the public service they provide.

» Northern Savings Credit Union

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293 days ago Always proffessiobal
295 days ago Provides outstanding customer service. Keeps jobs local in our community.

» Orca Bay First Aid

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309 days ago Glenn is a very thorough and professional OFA 3. His runs his business very professional, hiring locals, and helping out in our community. The business not only works at AltaGas but also does Aboriginal Day , Skeena River Relay and the All Native Basketball tournament. Kudos to Orca Bay for staying local.

» Pinnacle Performance

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309 days ago Linda goes above and beyond growing her business and helping her clients. She cares about her clients and it definitely shows. From her group classes, to her personal training sessions or workout booklets they are so top notch and professional!
311 days ago Linda is professional, kind, dedicated and believes in her clients, very knowledgeable about all aspects in fitness and heath and deserves her passion and business too be recognized

» RE/MAX Coast Mountains

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287 days ago The team at RE/MAX has always been personable, approachable and professional. They are dedicated individuals who work hard.