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» Association Francophone et Francophile du Nord-Ouest (AFFNO)

Submitted What nominators are saying
5 days ago These volunteers do so much fun stuff for the community. Their leaders are wonderful to work with.

» BC SPCA Prince Rupert Branch

Submitted What nominators are saying
26 days ago The BC SPCA does amazing work in the community. They support some of the community's most vulnerable who are unable to speak for themselves. The staff and volunteers dedicate so much of their time in the community and ensuring homeless and neglected animals are provided with the best care possible.

» Filipino-Canadian Association

Submitted What nominators are saying
5 days ago This is one of the strongest association in the community. They put on great events every year. Who can forget their awesome pork skewers on Seafest.

» Friendship House Association of Prince Rupert

Submitted What nominators are saying
7 days ago I have attended many Friendship House community dinners and helped out with food hampers that is given to 200 community members. The Friendship House has in the past given out winter coats, boots, gloves and hats, they have provided a family community kitchen where clients come and cook at lunch, they take home meals. The Friendship House has done a lot for our community, they deserve to be recognized, all the volunteers, youths and staff work endlessly to help our community strive.
8 days ago The Friendship House has worked for our the community in so many ways. The staff are polite, willing to go the extra mile and always welcoming. I nominate the Friendship House because they care about us.
13 days ago The Friendship House mission statement is about Education, Culture, Health and Recreation. Each mission goal has provided community members to put their best foot forward, achieve their goals and become the person they want to be. Their goals may be small, but huge steps are taken because of the programs that are offered free of charge. Each person that walks through their doors leaves with a piece of hope and understanding that they can achieve what they thought was impossible. I nominate the Friendship House Association for Not-For- Profit of the Year because they deserve it.

» Harbour Theatre Society

Submitted What nominators are saying
3 days ago I believe this organization should be the not-for-profit of the year for its commitment to enhancing the social and cultural fabric of the community. It has worked in partnership with AFFNO, Charles Hays Drama Club, and various local musicians and musical organizations to provide entertainment to Prince Rupert throughout the past number of years. Additionally, its board lead by its President has been diligent in providing accessible theatre training to youth for the past 15 plus years. This individual not only leads this organization but she has put in numerous hours teaching and running the Harbour Theatre/Udder Fest youth programs all in a volunteer capacity. She is awesome... and so is the organization!
3 days ago The members of Harbour Theatre never cease to amaze me with their talents and creativity. Whether it be a full production or a laugh a minute improv night it is always a good time at the Tom Rooney Playhouse. They are always open to new talent and provide a venue for kids drama classes, local music acts as well as visiting ones, and workshops. Another place where the people of Prince Rupert can witness the amazing talent pool we have in our great city.
4 days ago Harbour Theatre has been a mainstay of Prince Rupert's cultural landscape for 37 years. While it is perhaps best known for the annual Udder Theatre Festival and regular sketch show performances, it also conducts a regular kids' drama camp program, offers summer student theatre internships, and collaborates with other organizations in the production of live arts. It is an active member of Theatre BC, representing Prince Rupert at the provincial level, and contributes to (and regularly hosts) the regional Skeena Zone Theatre Festival. My impression is that Harbour Theatre is about much more than entertainment. It is dedicated to fostering a creative, collaborative community in which we are all rightly proud.

» Hecate Strait Employment Development Society

Submitted What nominators are saying
24 days ago Hecate Strait Employment Development Society is a valuable resource in our community. The staff are incredible and they are passionate about helping individuals reach their employment/training goals. Whether its guidance you need, financial assistance or training for a new job, Hecate Strait is the place to get ahead! So happy to have this resource available to everyone in our community!
28 days ago HECATE STRAIT EMPLOYMENT DEVELOPMENT SOCIETY had a big positive impact on Prince Rupert and the region and the area: helping people get employments; promoting economy; harmonizing the society...
28 days ago wow, a great wealth of information and resources for getting ready for employment
28 days ago HSEDS has done incredible things to assist all people to be successful in pursuing goals as well as employment.
29 days ago They have done some outstanding work this past year and should be recognized. They have an amazing staff.
29 days ago the changes that have been made over the last year to better represent and help the people of our community find sustainable employment shows that they have the people of Prince Rupert interests in the fore front of their mission. Plus Chelsea and Tyler are awesome.

» Kaien Island Trail Enhancement and Recreation Society

Submitted What nominators are saying
3 days ago The Kaien Island Trail Enhancement And Recreation Society (KITEARS) formed in February 2017 and has effectively facilitated the restoration of the Rushbrook Trail. Due to liabilities and costs, the Rushbrook Trail was closed in the early 2000's and has not been reactivated despite large efforts by various groups and strong community support. KITEARS worked with the City of Prince Rupert, the Rotary Club, the Port of Prince Rupert and other partners to address liability and maintenance concerns, raise funds, update trail design plans, and get the trail under construction. The trail is on schedule for completion and public access in early 2018. This is a huge achievement and will be a legacy to the citizens of Prince Rupert for generations to come. Completing the Rushbrook Trail is also a huge first step toward the Society’s vision of an interconnected trail network on Kaien Island, providing access to the community's waterfront and beautiful natural surroundings for all to enjoy!

» National Aboriginal Day Committee

Submitted What nominators are saying
5 days ago These is a lot of organizing for this event. It has been growing and we may even have a national holiday soon.

» Navy League of Canada Prince Rupert

Submitted What nominators are saying
5 days ago Navy League of Canada (PR) is one of the best groups in this community. They are an integral part of our NorthCoast Living. They help the community in so many ways.

» North Coast Immigration & Multicultural Services Society

Submitted What nominators are saying
5 days ago This is a growing society in the community. Prince Rupert always celebrate diversity and this society exemplify that. They host special events to celebrate many cultures and bring the community together. They also help new immigrants transition and integrate with Prince Rupert.

» North Coast Transition Society

Submitted What nominators are saying
18 days ago With such fundraising events such as Mz Judged, this non-profit-organization should win this award. They also have other events such as International Women’s Day, Prevention of Violence Against Women, Victims & Survivors of Crime Week, Take Back the Highway and other events. Recently, they have built a space for homeless people in town.

» North Coast Women in Business

Submitted What nominators are saying
11 days ago Fantastic group of leaders here.

» North Pacific Cannery

Submitted What nominators are saying
11 days ago Laurie Davie and her staff has done wonders to this destination. They have put on so many great events and brought the cannery back to life. The tours, the Intertidal music fest, and much more events make this historic part of the tourist attract in Rupert.

» Paws and Claws Thrift Store

Submitted What nominators are saying
7 days ago I appreciate the genuine effort and kindness of the owners of Paws and Claws Thrift Store. Paws and Claws Thrift Store go above and beyond in supporting animmal welfare and the community. They are will arrange to pick up donations if requested and their aimm is to rauwe & donate needed funds to the animmals in the PR Community. I mmet the owners in 2015. They both take the timme to chat and interact with everyone that enters their shop. Mmy nommination for Paws and Claws is deeply personal. Earlier in 2017 one of the owners camme across a box of photos that got lost in a mmove. Val Sutter asked a visitor if she possibly recognized somme of the people in the photos. I am acquainted with the visitor of whom we share a very good mmutual friend. She immmediately contacted the mmutual friend to say where our photos had been found. We are so happy Val took the initiative to find the owners of such personal photos! Mmy heartfelt gratitude and nommination!!!

» Prince Rupert Community Arts Council

Submitted What nominators are saying
8 days ago This group of people should win this category. They have been overlooked for many years.

» Prince Rupert Curling Club

Submitted What nominators are saying
5 days ago They are one of the longest lasting clubs in the community. They help develop players and put on many great events. They are a very important club in the community. Prince Rupert should be proud for having this club and should continue to invest in such a great club like this so it can function for many generations to come.

» Prince Rupert Golf Club

Submitted What nominators are saying
5 days ago One of the elite clubs in Prince Rupert. Prince Rupert Golf Club has one of the best course in Northern BC and has been utilized by players of all ages. They receive strong support from the City as one of the major recipients for the Community Grants with CSA - $135,000. This is a very kind gesture and the funds will go a long way. THANK YOU to the City!

» Prince Rupert Ground Search & Rescue

Submitted What nominators are saying
16 days ago These people put their livelihood on the line when the a call is made. They invest a lot of their time in training.

» Prince Rupert Gymnastic Association

Submitted What nominators are saying
18 days ago PRGA is a non-profit organization that has been growing year over year. They have phenomenal traction with the local community and kids absolutely love their classes. It is too bad they were turned away from the Civic Centre as that would have been a great venue to bring kids.

» Prince Rupert Special Events Society

Submitted What nominators are saying
27 days ago This team is the heart and soul that make all of our big events in the city as amazing as they are. From Seafest to Winterfest, vital community events come together because of the Special Events team. I am so proud of my mother for her many years dedication to our town and the Special Events, everyone involved are an example of community pride that we should all strive for.
28 days ago They always brave the elements and put on great events for our community

» Prince Rupert Toastmasters Club

Submitted What nominators are saying
23 days ago The criteria for this award are superbly relevant to the Prince Rupert Toastmasters Club. Through the ongoing growth of its members' communication and leadership skills, significant benefits accrue to the dozens of companies and service organizations to which those members also belong. Over 100 Rupert residents and visitors have assumed roles in the club's education program during the past 18 months. The accomplishments of its members were recognized by Toastmasters International last year: the group was named a President's Distinguished Club (the highest level of achievement) for the first time in its long history in Prince Rupert. Meanwhile, the club has developed a reputation for excellence in providing annual public speaking and leadership training to participants in the Chamber of Commerce's business mentorship program. The group has become a source of qualified and reliable masters of ceremonies for a host of community organizations. Its positive impact has overflowed to neighbouring cities as well: through its collaboration on regional events with Terrace and Kitimat Toastmasters groups, the energy and vision embodied in Prince Rupert leaders are being communicated throughout northwest BC.

» Prince Rupert Wildlife Rehab Shelter

Submitted What nominators are saying
14 days ago The Prince Rupert Wildlife Shelter is definitely 100% deserving of this award. Run by Nancy and Gunther for years they definitely deserve some recognition! I'm glad to say that I have volunteered and donated to them every chance I get and will continue to do so!

» Rotary Club of Prince Rupert

Submitted What nominators are saying
26 days ago Rotary gives back to so many different groups in the community. Some of the parks in town would not have been as beautiful without there generosity. They fundraise in order to give back to the community and other charities throughout the world.

» School District No. 52 (Prince Rupert)

Submitted What nominators are saying
28 days ago The school district is committed to the success of all students and works cooperatively with parents and other community partners to achieve this goal. Please see the attached video, created by students at Pacific Coast School (with a little bit of help from CBC) for some wonderful examples of success stories from our district.

» Success by 6 North Coast

Submitted What nominators are saying
9 days ago This Not-for-Profit is at every event that involves children, passing out free books to support literacy. They also work with many other organizations to create more in our community for children and families. Children's Day in the Park is a great celebration with workshops and performances and events for kids.