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» Cowpuccino' s Coffee House

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15 days ago Mike Whitford introduced the first Bitcoin machine in the North Coast of BC. The first machine is installed at Cowpuccino's where people can deposit monies/funds in exchange for Bitcoins that is untraceable and unregulated. Cowpuccino's owner Judson Rowse endorses the machine and is considering accepting Bitcoin payments in the future as the fees may be less.

» DP World

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18 days ago What a great year for DP World! Newsmaker of the year should be DP World with their grand opening of the arrival of the new cranes. This means they hired another 25% of the workforce and now is the #1 employer in Prince Rupert. DP World is the company that is keeping Prince Rupert's economy growing.

» Goot Ges

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18 days ago Goot Ges has been instrumental in the Tent City development at City Hall. Goot Ges works with local politics, North Coast Transition Society while using social media to attract supporters. Goot Ges was able to get answer from the Mayor & MLA regarding shelter for homeless people. This person should deserve an award for holding community member accountable for their promises of creating a strong community.

» Kaien Island Trail Enhancement and Recreation Society

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2 days ago This group of volunteers not only bring you the long awaited opening of the Rushbrook trail, but work diligently all year to raise funds to restore trails in and around Prince Rupert. As the development of the waterfront industrial sector has taken away some of our access to the waterfront, this society is giving that back against all the odds and challenges associated with the restoration of the Rushbrook Trail. I can't wait to see what the future brings to the community of Prince Rupert!
21 days ago This momentous news was 15 years in the making: restoration of the waterfront Rushbrook Trail. When the trail was closed in the early 2000s, some people said it would never be opened again — upgrades were too costly and complex. But this group of volunteers worked with generous partners like the Rotary Club and the Port of Prince Rupert, which also deserve to be recognized, to raise funds and craft a plan. The long-closed trail is due to be opened in early 2018, once construction is complete. It’s a huge step toward the Society’s vision of an interconnected trail network on Kaien Island. I’m always impressed at the positive impact of passionate volunteers, and in this case they have triumphed, finally bringing the city waterfront within reach for generations to come.

» McKay Street Park Project

Submitted What nominators are saying
18 days ago This project was all over the news during the spring into the summer as nominations and voting occurred. Spearheaded by Mayor Lee Brain, councillor Blair Mirau, and Transition Prince Rupert president Ken Shaw, McKay Street Project was one of many projects in a race for BCAA's prize of $100,000. This was all over the news, and social media every single day during the voting period. In June, McKay Street Project won the grand prize and is now in the process of carrying out the plans. They have a GoFundMe page: to help raise funds to complete the project.

» Northern Development Initiative Trust (NDIT)

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8 days ago NDIT, led by Economic Development officer Paul Vendittelli, the program provides grants to business owners to renovate, restore or redesign the commercial building facades and storefronts. The four businesses who received funds were Eddies News, Seasport Marine, e’Klektic Trading, and Mckenzie Furniture. The greatest transformation from this initiative is the McKenzie Furniture which is now Ashley Furniture.

» Rainbow Chrysler

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15 days ago Since the award criteria states news coverage by media some time in 2016, the Grand Re-opening of Rainbow Chrysler was significant. Great work by Rupert Wood 'N Steel and congratulations to Brian.

» Ray-Mont Logistics

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18 days ago Ray-Mont Logistics, a Transload company, completed their brand new facility and started operation in Q3/Q4 of 2017 at the south end of Ridley Island. Another great company to add to the well diversified Industries in Prince Rupert.

» Seal Cove Neighbourhood Pub

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16 days ago Solly's reopened as Seal Cove Neighbourhood Pub!

» Sew It Yourself

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5 days ago WOW!! A vibrant New store in the downtown core. The owners are taking a big risk and they are doing a stunning job. The storefront looks fascinating. As you walk by, you just want to go in and have a look, then you end up buying something. Tremendous work has been input into this business.