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» Alorah Gardiner (Shear Pleasure)

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303 days ago Alorah, with Shear Pleasure, is an excellent hair dresser and she is even better at great customer service. She is flexible, accomodating, and her conversation is fun throughout the hair experience.

» Amanda Graham (District of Port Edward)

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284 days ago Amanda is always courteous, professional. and ready to solve resident problems. She helps make Port Edward a great place to live as she serves on the "front line" of the Port Ed office. Thank you, Amanda!

» Andrew Speck

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315 days ago Andrew did my install on his day off. I feel like that's enough said there. He didnt need to. He wasnt paid for the hour he put in. And he still made it work.

» Andrew Warrington

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310 days ago Andrew is very helpful when I shop for my programs. He is efficient, friendly when I have questions. He takes the time to help me when I need to stay within a budget.

» Cara Warren (MacCarthy GM)

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303 days ago Was just into MacCarthy GM and wow what an amazing person they have working in service. She was a smiling face and made me feel very welcome.
308 days ago She is great at her job and the reason I keep going back.
309 days ago As always Cara is always a smiling face and doesn’t make me feel stupid for asking questions about what’s going on with my vehicle. She has given me personal cell to be completely available 24/7. She is young but is definitely knows her stuff.

» Carissa Isadore

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315 days ago Carissa deserves this, she works super hard every time i need something. Always happy and helpful! Amazing employee!!! Andre's is lucky to have her

» Danika Gowe (Safeway)

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315 days ago She has gone out of her way to make us feel important when shopping at the Deli. We mentioned one time that we couldn't eat green peppers and now when she makes up the seafood dip she makes one without peppers and puts it aside for us

» Dwain Harrison (Lester Centre)

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291 days ago Dwain's technical know-how always makes performances at our local theatre shine. Even when things get stressful and demanding (like during the complicated Jingle Bell Rock show), he remains calm and professional. We appreciate his sense of humour, can-do attitude, and ear for a sweet audio mix.

» Faith Shaurette (Breakers Pub)

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308 days ago Faith is the Manager for Breakers Pub on the Waterfront who exemplifies the art of customer service. Always cheerful and uplifts the spirits of the patrons by providing the exceptional service with a smile. She is certainly a pleasure to have a conversation with and she can rock a red dress like no other! Nice work Faith!

» Gloria Wong (East Wind Emporium )

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307 days ago She has always patiently and kindly served me when helping me with my phone or purchasing a new one. You can very well notice she has my best interests in mind when helping to choose phones and phone plans. Phones and phone plans can be quite complicated. I’ve witnessed her with very long lines, she consistently, kindly and patiently served all. I’ve noticed very elderly go to her with their phone questions; questions that may seem simple to us, she helps them - patiently explaining until, they understand. I think her efforts are valuabe and of great service and comfort to many in our community.

» Jackie (Safeway)

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310 days ago Jackie is the best!! Always greets you with a great big smile and an excellant conversation. I always make sure to go to her till when she is working. Love you Jackie!!!

» Jackie Van Der Koot

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315 days ago No one has gone above and beyond like Jackie. From coming in on her days off too staying late to accommodate whatever it is I need in her store. She has made a point of being there everytime.

» Jared Paolinelli (Ashley Furniture)

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310 days ago Jared is such a joy to deal with. He is always willing and able to help. He definitely goes above and beyond.

» Leah Jowe (Northern Savings Credit Union)

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284 days ago Leah is one of the dedicated tellers at Northern Savings. She is efficient and professional, but always adds a smile to the days of her clients with her quick humour and memory for faces. She is the model of good customer service in a financial institution and always makes me glad to bank with NSCU.

» Mark (R&R Appliance Repair)

Submitted What nominators are saying
303 days ago Mark goes out of his way to make sure you are satisfied as a customer. He’s efficient and have great customer service

» Meagan Davidson (Cow Bay Gift Galley)

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288 days ago Meagan is such a delight to deal with and is always super helpful. She definitely deserves a ton of recognition for all her hard work in running the store.

» Mira Zaricisaccision (Save On Foods)

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310 days ago Mira has always went above and beyond when I shopped for my programs. She was always available when I had questions or had to make changes to orders. Mira always had a smile on her face and very pleasant to work with. She made shopping very easy.

» Murray Hill (Walmart)

Submitted What nominators are saying
309 days ago He is always very helpful and cheerful! Great customer service!

» Naomi Kowal (Charley’s Lounge)

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294 days ago Naomi has finessed the expectations of service in Prince Rupert. Always a pleasure going to The Crest and seeing that she is there! Naomi consistently provides the perfect guest experience by being attentive and personable. Always doing her best to make guests feel welcomed and happy. Keep up the great work Naomi. Your diligence never goes unnoticed!

» Parlour Hair Boutique

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311 days ago Tyla has done an amazing job bringing a Vancouver-style hair salon experience to Prince Rupert. I didn't trust anyone to cut my hair in Rupert until Parlour opened, and she always does an amazing job. Plus the ambiance is very cool and welcoming.

» Riley McNeice (Not So Shaggy Don Grooming)

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310 days ago Riley works on her property in beautiful trailer and runs a great service for this community!

» Rob Gruber

Submitted What nominators are saying
301 days ago One of the most unique and genuine people I’ve met. He goes above customer service and the nominations speak volumes for how lucky Prince Rupert is to have Rob making things special here. Bravo Rob, very deserving
308 days ago Rob knows just what it takes to bring magic into someone's life. Talk to him about any of the products they offer at Good Times and you will instantly see the passion, commitment and energy he brings to what he does. Everyone knows that Good Times isn't Rob's job, it is his dream and he goes the distance to share his dreams with all of us who are lucky to enjoy them with him. His impact on Prince Rupert is so great it is nearly immeasurable.
310 days ago Gruber for President! I love this guy!
310 days ago So many great people in this category but Rob always stands out for both his service in Good Times and how special he makes the community just by being part of everything that happens here. I haven't seen a place where it is the norm to see 40 kids of all ages wandering down the street to have fun sword fighting and playing games. Every parade, festival day or block party Rob is there with a legion of happy kids and adults, dressed up and having fun. Good Times and Rob in particular are special and he is a standout for what he brings to everything he does here. While I believe Rob deserves this, I would like to say that everyone in this category are deserving as well!
311 days ago I would like to second the nomination for this great guy. It goes well beyond the customer service he provides in his store, to what he contributes to the entire town. His service is more than sales, he stops and talks to every child who asks of it no matter where he is. Rob doesn't just service his customers, he services this community, it is lucky to have him.
311 days ago Just go into Good Times and you can see why Rob is totally worthy of this award. He believes in his product and he will make you excited about what they offer too just by talking to him. Infectious passion for what he does. You don't find service and energy like Rob's many places, he is totally committed to giving the best service possible.

» Sam (The Argosy)

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305 days ago Sam from The Argosy is always friendly to everyone and very professional and talkative. She is also quick with a joke and it adds such a homey feeling to this wonderful store.

» Shauna (Save On Foods)

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293 days ago Always friendly and very helpful.

» Stuck On Designs

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304 days ago Always good customer service

» Tiffany & Leanne (Leanne's Pet Shop)

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315 days ago Both Tiffany and Leanne go out of their way to give the best service and advice.

» Tiffany Hutchings

Submitted What nominators are saying
314 days ago Tiffany always greets you with a smile and a welcome. She is extremely knowledgeable about all manner of pets. Her excitement at new items or pets in the store is contagious. Always willing to help you carry heavy items to your car and always puts up such a great window display. She really shines at what she does. Tiffany is an employee at Leanne's Pet Shop

» Yvonne (Genetics Fitness)

Submitted What nominators are saying
302 days ago Yvonne always goes above and beyond to provide amazing customer service to her members. One example of this is purchaseing new equipment for her gym. Yvonne always canvasses he membership and asks what they would like to see in the gym. The type of equipment she orders is ALWAYS what her membership requests. Her gym offers barbell training and this has recently exploded in popularity amongst her members. Yvonne ordered a combination rack (IPF spec powerlifting rack) to better service her clients needs. There is only one other gym in the north with this type of rack. Her gym is always clean, well kept and she is flexible and works with her clients to ensure they have an excellent gym experience. Another example of fantastic customer service is that accepts e-transfers from out of town clients or shift workers when they need to renew memberships but can't make it in during business hours. Yvonne treats her clients like family and truely cares about her business.