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» Alison (Four Seasons Flowers)

Submitted What nominators are saying
16 days ago The owner of Four Seasons Flowers - Alison is a gem. She is so creative & festive with her window display. All of her masterpieces at shows are mesmerizing. Alison is a true professional.

» Amol Ajgaonkar (physiotherapist, Cornerstones Wellness Centre)

Submitted What nominators are saying
21 days ago Amol is incredibly knowledgeable, accommodating, and gets great results. He's always my first recommendation to friends and family with pain or injuries. I feel that he goes the extra mile to help people achieve wellness, and always does so with a smile and encouragement

» Andrew Speck (Andres Electronic Experts)

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13 days ago I have been to Andrew's at least 4 times this year. Each time Andrew assisted me. He is very friendly, very knowledgable, very helpful. He takes his time to answer your questions. Not everyone is made for customer service. But Andrew is perfect for it.
14 days ago First Time purchasing a real cellphone I was not familiar with all that needed to be done to set it up. Andrew was awesome, he asked me what my needs were and he set it all up. After time went on (not to much) I had questions, I could pop in to Andres and he took the the time to show me how to turn on or off functions, even helped me when I seriously locked myself out. I recommend to my friends if they are headed to Andres to see Andrew.
21 days ago He is always so happy and I have never in my life met someone who is so determined to go above and beyond for his customers! He does everything he can and always puts a smile on everyone's face!!!

» Brandi Hansen (Salty Mermaid Salon & Spa)

Submitted What nominators are saying
3 days ago When you come for a haircut or style, Brandi is always laughing and smiling, she has drinks and snacks ready for her clients. Not only is she extremely professional, but she is also friendly and fun to be around. First time clients immediately feel comfortable and relaxed when they are with Brandi. Clients return not just for Brandi's incredible talents and skills but also for the unforgettable experience.

» Cara Warren (MacCarthy GM)

Submitted What nominators are saying
2 days ago Cara is very friendly and helpful. going that extra mile.
3 days ago Cara is always friendly when you walk in the door at the Service Dept at MacCarthy Motors. She can take what can be a very stressful situation and turn it around. Her greeting to each customer whether on the phone or in person is always warm and welcoming. She is efficient and professional with each customer.
18 days ago Cara is absolutely awesome every time I visit McCarthy! She is always friendly and helpful whenever I go into the dealership. Not only does she know her stuff, but she also does her best to accommodate my schedule for bookings. Cara is a true asset to the McCarthy team!!! Thanks for all the great service.
23 days ago Cara is wonderful at her job. She is knowledgeable, patient, and generally a pleasure to deal with.
23 days ago Cara is absolutely fabulous at what she does. Not only is she knowledgeable and thorough but she enjoys what she does! Cara goes over and above to make sure her customers are happy.
23 days ago Cara is always wonderful and inviting with a big smile. Always goes above and beyond.

» Cindy (Central Barbers)

Submitted What nominators are saying
16 days ago She is the unsung hero. Cindy knows what your style is and gets the job done in no time. My family go to her every month and it's in and out in 40mins for 3 or 4 of us. The price is great too!! $18 for Men's haircut compared to other places at $35 or more.

» Dagmar Ohman (Crest Hotel Waterfront Restaurant)

Submitted What nominators are saying
21 days ago Dagmar represents the gold standard for attentive, warm and appropriately memorable table service. Her refined demeanour sets the tone for a high-quality dining experience; her memory for regular diners’ names and preferences encourages loyalty; her gentle wit and smile elevate a routine meal to a cherished ritual. Dagmar’s consistent professionalism has made me an absurdly frequent patron of the Waterfront Restaurant, and has enhanced its appeal for countless others.

» Dan (Big Dan's Move It Services)

Submitted What nominators are saying
12 days ago Dan is a great guy. He helped us a lot with our move. There is no job too big for his crew. They also helped out last minute with the renovation of the McClean building for the homeless people. Kudos to Dan and his wicked team.

» Dina Devost (Frank's Hair Design)

Submitted What nominators are saying
2 days ago Dina is the best hair dresser there is, she is always so pleasant to go to, and is always so energetic. She was voted "Best Hairstylist" by the Northern View for 2017.

» Dr. Nicole Jaimeson (Pacific Coast Veterinary)

Submitted What nominators are saying
11 days ago Nicole is such a kind, caring and great person. In those times of worry and need she is so honest and helpful. She is the only person I will take my dogs to at the vet. She is such a caring person who goes above and beyond to do what's best for your pet.

» Four Seasons Flowers

Submitted What nominators are saying
9 days ago Always always in a great mood, a pleasure to walk into her Store. Alison does such beautiful work, has suggestions which I always appreciate. She is very generous, does little things no charge and keeps her customers happy.

» Henry Kelly

Submitted What nominators are saying
1 day ago One of the best master carver in town!!

» Ian Lihou

Submitted What nominators are saying
9 days ago Ian is simply amazing!! He has grown his business to waitlist capacity. Ian lives his passion everyday and instills this in his students. Ian truly lets his students shine, he never makes this work about him, he is humble and proud and truly loves each and everyone one of his students and THEIR abilities is what makes Ian shine. He lets his students own their path and bring who they are to their learning.

» Jared Paolinelli (Ashley Furniture)

Submitted What nominators are saying
12 days ago Jared is extremely friendly and helpful. He went out of his way to get us the furniture we wanted that was out of stock and discontinued. He made some calls and made sure we got what we wanted. Keep up the great work Jared!
20 days ago Jared is such a joy to work with. I purchase quite a few items from Ashely Furinture and I always wait until Jared is on shift to do so! He is so helpful and accommodating. Keep up the great work Jared!

» Jaspal Padda (Jaspal's Spa)

Submitted What nominators are saying
10 days ago Jaspal provides great service to her customers with strong retention. There is a long waitlist to get in with her.

» Jessica Rhynold (Tyee Building Supplies LP - Rona)

Submitted What nominators are saying
2 days ago Jessica is an absolute fantastic cashier. She serves you with a smile and ensures your shopping is pleasurable. It’s always nice to be greeted with her friendly smile and outgoing personality!

» John Dykman (Cow Bay Cafe)

Submitted What nominators are saying
5 days ago I believe that John is a great cook and wounderful person he has great social skills and he will not give up untill the customer is happy keep up the great work jhon Dykeman
8 days ago John Dykeman deserves to win because he busts his butt for diners. There has never been a time that his inventive mind isn't trying to push culinary experiences at Cow Bay. If you ever have a complaint about what you are eating, he'll be the first to come out and fix it. He's also a good dude.
8 days ago Absolutely love his hospitality! he makes dinning an enjoyable evening out.
8 days ago Look, I live with the guy. He'll hurt me if I don't nominate him.
8 days ago I believe that Johnny deserves to win the customer service excellence award because every time I go to Cow Bay Cafe, not only is the food absolutely amazing, but as a chef he goes above and beyond. Although he is actually a member of the back of house, he greets the customers and finds delight in giving his patrons the most valuable dining experience possible!
9 days ago he has had a passion for cooking for years he is a really great guy and he is very respectful ...I think he deserves to win
9 days ago he is respectful and has a passion for cooking and has had that passion for years ...he is an awesome chef and person and I think he deserves to win
9 days ago I have always known John to put his 110% into everything he does. He is very proud and very passionate about his position as head chef, and it definitely shows in his delicious and well presented dishes. Not only does he strive to prepare a great meal customers will enjoy, but he makes sure their over all experience at the restaurant is just as enjoyable. John will personally take the time to greet customers, ask how your meal is, or just come out for some friendly chit chat. I definitely think John deserves this award, as one of the hardest working people I know.
9 days ago Great focus on customer service, and passionate chef! Truly embodies the spirit of great service and innovation within the culinary field!
12 days ago I have had the opportunity to dine in a restaurant that John works at (Cow bay Cafe), his hospitality is impeccable and friendly. John does not just work behind the scenes, he personally takes the time to come out and serve the customers, have a conversation with a smile and friendly laughter. His food preparation is incredible, and most importantly delicious. I believe that John puts a personal touch as Head Chef by making his customers feel welcome and relaxed. John Dykman deserves this award because he cares about his customers and he takes great pride in his work.

» Kayla Duffy (MacCarthy Motors)

Submitted What nominators are saying
23 days ago Kayla is very good at her job. Very professional and provides friendly service.
26 days ago Kayla has great customer service, knows her products and is professional.

» Kendall Wing (Bubble Trouble)

Submitted What nominators are saying
20 days ago Although Kendall works full time and is raising a young family at home, he always goes above and beyond to make sure every party and event goes without any flaws! I was in a jam when another vender canceled on our child's party last minute and although Kendall already had a rental in place he was able to rent us the second bouncer on the spot --even though he already had a very busy day ahead. He is always willing to donate and provide rentals for charities and events. He is just a great role model and great guy to be around!

» Kent Orton

Submitted What nominators are saying
9 days ago Mr. Kent Orton is a miracle worker. He is very professional and helpful.

» Kirsten & Davit Dzavashvili (Red Shadow Boxing and Fitness)

Submitted What nominators are saying
10 days ago RBS's owner Davit & Kirsten are the best trainers in town hands down. They are great partners in life and in business. Their marketing ideas are so amazing. They are they brain for You: Version Two. Thank you for all your help. Davit is the energizer bunny.

» Krystina Eli (Walmart)

Submitted What nominators are saying
2 days ago She goes above and beyond her duties to make shopping more better

» Laurie Davie (North Pacific Cannery)

Submitted What nominators are saying
3 days ago Laurie's energy, professionalism and commitment to excellent service has made interfacing with North Pacific Cannery a whole new experience. She has turned NPC into a dependable community asset, and the multitude of services it provides (tourism, accommodation, restaurant, facility rental, trades training) are all making great strides forward thanks to her direction. Many managers could learn from her example!

» Leah Anderson (CIBC)

Submitted What nominators are saying
10 days ago When you work with Leah, she treats you like she’s known you for years. She works hard to help her clients in any way she can and encourages her staff to do the same. She’s makes dealing with your finances a little more enjoyable! Thanks Leah.

» Leanne Enns (Ocean Pearl Events and Promotions)

Submitted What nominators are saying
17 days ago Leanne is an exceptional community member providing a unique and bespoke service through her company Ocean Pearl. As a global company, our reputation and the people who represent us is critical to our business. We employed Leanne on a number of occasions in 2017 as a Community Relations Advisor to support our outreach efforts in Prince Rupert and also Vancouver including a high profile industry conference. Our senior leadership was extremely impressed by Leanne's professionalism and ability to keep them organised and on time for their various speaking appointments. Leaving your business in someone else's hands is always stressful, and to hear positive comments about Leanne covering for you when you are 200kms away at another event is great testament to the value she brings to your business.

» Nate Alcos (Save On Foods)

Submitted What nominators are saying
12 days ago Save On Foods under new management, Nate Alcos, has improved their quality of goods and services. Nate ensures his staff greet you at the door with a smile and his pricing is very competitive. He offers customer appreciation days, delivery vehicle, local sponsorships, Rampage promos, etc. Mr. Alcos was recently on Heart of the City.

» Rachel Desjardin (Ocean Pacific Air)

Submitted What nominators are saying
22 days ago Rachel is extremely professional and courteous, she goes out of her way for the other staff as well as the customers. She makes everyone who walks through the door feel comfortable and at home while waiting for their departures

» Rick Fudger (Rupert Cleaners & Laundry Ltd.)

Submitted What nominators are saying
27 days ago Rick has provided exceptional customer service to the community of Prince Rupert. Rick has shown dedication to our community by supporting local sport groups, private and corporate events as well as those less fortunate with his time and services or products provided through his business, Rupert Cleaners & Laundry, Ltd. Rick's love for his community shows in all he does. Thank you Rick for being a leader in customer service.

» Rick McChesney (Cook's Jewellers)

Submitted What nominators are saying
16 days ago Rick is an astounding individual. He is very involved in the community and the business. He always provide the best advice and go above and beyond to help.

» Rob Gruber (Good Times Games and Electronics)

Submitted What nominators are saying
16 days ago Never seen anyone as excited and passionate about what they do as this guy. He makes you believe, he inspires others and is one of a kind. Hard not to go into Good Times and leave excited about something Rob is talking about. Great store, great staff and Rob is an amazing leader, totally deserves credit for what he brings to our town.
21 days ago It's rare to find someone who loves their job and has as much passion as Rob!!! He goes above and beyond and what he organizes for the kids is fantastic! An amazing guy and Prince Rupert is better for having him.
22 days ago Not even a job for this guy, he lives "Good Times" and seems to be the happiest, most energetic, fun loving person because of it. Perfect job for Rob and his entire staff rallies behind his outlook. He knows fun and games better than anyone, knows his products, and knows his customers. Kids to adults, you will leave entertained.
27 days ago He loves what he does and pumps energy into everything he takes on at Good Times and in the city. The kids love him and the rest of us adults all wish we could be him. Rob is just a good hearted person who always tries to make everything special.
28 days ago Rob goes out of his way everyday to make our community better by teaching and engaging our youth -introducing them to different games experiences he is looked up to by these children and what a fantastic role model he is to them -he shares his passion with these kids and shows them a whole new world -we are very lucky to have Rob in our community

» Rupert Meats

Submitted What nominators are saying
9 days ago They do good smoked meats and cured meats. Pre-ordered meats are the best. They bring in specialty order and requests. Way to go Leslie!

» Ryan Last (Good Times Games and Electronics)

Submitted What nominators are saying
28 days ago Ryan has wonderful customer service no matter how busy the shop gets he always takes the time to answer your questions -explain the products always very friendly and helpful also does fundraising at the shop -a great asset to the store

» Stefan Delloch (Northern Savings Credit Union)

Submitted What nominators are saying
7 days ago Stefan works really hard, genuinely cares about people and I always see him at community events doing volunteer work.
28 days ago Always takes great care of the people he helps and is very professional.

» Sydney Barker (The Fresh Onion)

Submitted What nominators are saying
22 days ago The Service at The Fresh Onion is always amazing. But Sydney Barker is in a class of her own. She is always happy, energetic and extremely helpful. She puts a smile on my face whenever I go in the restaurant to eat. She does an amazing job!

» Taryn Parnell (Cow Bay Cafe)

Submitted What nominators are saying
14 hours ago Taryn is always so hospitable and knowledgeable about the menu! Love visiting the restaurant and she goes the extra mile for her customers.
14 hours ago Always lovely to see her at my favourite restaurant in town.
1 day ago Taryn provides fast and freindly service and offers something that other servers dont. She goes above and beyond to make your dining experience exceptional
2 days ago She is always smiling and helpful and willing to go the extra mile to help both her coworkers and rhe clients.
2 days ago Taryn always gives fsntastic customer service whenever I go to get food. She goes above and beyond for her customers. Never dissapointed.
2 days ago We received excellent service and food at the Cow bay Café and the service was excellent ,Taryn was friendly and well mannered and very helpful .Truly service with a smile which will bring us back to the café in the future .
2 days ago This young lady has the greatest welcoming smile and she served us well ,Excellent service and food at the Cow bay Café ,because of her service we will return when we visit prince Rupert .
2 days ago Taryn is very personable and hospitable. She knows the company she works for well and this makes her an outstanding employee and customer representative.
2 days ago we have had the pleasure of having Taryn as our server and her service was top notch, like nothing we've experienced even in a high end restaurant in Vancouver. She goes out of her way to make everyone feel welcome & truly got to know us. She took great care of us making sure our food was great & that we were enjoying our evening. When I'm in town I look forward to seeing her again.
2 days ago She is awesome
2 days ago She's friendly, professional and is full of knowledge. I don't know if I saw her without a smile on her face. She always looks like she's going to a high quality function.
2 days ago She is a very courteous woman with a smile and and is always on point and asking if we are ok.
2 days ago Taryn is amazing, so friendly and precise, it's great to know that when she is working I know we will be taken care of well especially after a long day of work. Way to go Taryn
2 days ago Taryn is always smiling and she goes above and beyond to give great service!
2 days ago She is always happy! Takes pride in her work. Very knowledgeable on menu items and if your not sure what you would like, she is quick to listen and help you make a decision (never have I been disappointed in her suggestions❤️) It’s nice to see someone who loves doing what they do!
2 days ago Taryn is an amazing Server. Always greets you with a Smile and a Positive attitude. You know you'll get great service.
6 days ago Taryn is an absolute fantastic server. She serves you with a smile and ensures your dining is pleasurable. I have never being disappointed in her service. After a long day, it’s always nice to be greeted with her friendly smile and outgoing personality!