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» Blue Heron Windows & Design

Submitted What nominators are saying
22 hours ago The new warehouse is a delight!! Thank you ladies for all your help.

» Bubble Trouble

Submitted What nominators are saying
11 days ago Such a pleasure working with this company time and time again. We use them for everyone of our kids parties and events. They are always willing to donate to a good cause and have become such a staple in our community. Good luck Bubble Trouble! You definitely deserve this award this year :)
23 days ago A great company giving families the opportunity to rent various items for their child's birthday party or other events. Owned by a great family, they go above and beyond to accommodate everyone. Bubble Trouble is the definition of a family conscious business.

» Crest Hotel

Submitted What nominators are saying
21 days ago I work at the Crest and wish to nonimate the Crest hotel and here’s one of the reasons why. A lady was telling me at Safeway yesterday of her daughters grad experience, this past June. Her daughter and girlfriend were drinking and the idea was they would look out for each another. As it turned out her girlfriend left with her boyfriend. Being so young as well as Grad weekend she overdank way too much and was in trouble, she however sensed if she could get to the Crest she would be safe there. She did and the police brought her home and with a happy ending. Now as she’s not a regular customer or drinker I Thought the fact that she thought it was a good decision to make her way to the Crest where she would be safe and secure and she was is in mind that is the result of a good family-conscious Business, good reputation, good service or hospitality whichever category that falls into makes me greatful to be involved with the Crest and have witnessed many more examples of integrity, doing the right thing and striving to be better every year in all areas of our operations

» Earl Mah Aquatic Centre

Submitted What nominators are saying
10 days ago They actually fit the award criteria if people actually read it!! :)

» Good Times Games and Electronics

Submitted What nominators are saying
21 days ago I feel like I don't even need to say why Rob deserves this award! My kids LOVE HIM! And his store and it's amazing to have a place like this. I wish I would have had something like good time games growing up.
24 days ago Like others said so well. Good Times delivers something great for families in Prince Rupert. Just a great group of people there and you can tell they all love what they do.
27 days ago My son loves this place and I am happy to have him spend time there. I love that they promote being a "hero", fair play and including everyone. The owner and staff treat all the kids amazing and it gives parents a chance to get a breather without worrying. A great family business, Good Times is certainly worthy of the award and the nominations certainly reinforce that.
28 days ago I'd be surprised if anyone even runs against this business in this category. Kids and family is what they are all about and what their entire business is built on, they have, simply put, mastered Family-Conscious Business. Like another nominator mentioned, our town can't give these guys enough credit for what they provide for families and kids here in Prince Rupert.
28 days ago I don't know many retail stores where I would feel safe leaving my daughter for a few hours to do anything without me there the entire time, but I can do that and feel safe doing so at Good Times Games. The place won't just sell you a game to play with your family, they will sit you down and teach you to play it or set up a table and give you a place to play. Our community can boast it has this great store and few cities have anything close to it.
28 days ago The staff at Good Times is simply awesome; encouraging youth to be active, thoughtful, and good people. They're not afraid of going a bit out there, and are fantastic at supporting the community when kids are involved. They can't get enough credit for what they do.
28 days ago My family recently moved to Prince Rupert and what a delight to find out about Good Times Games. Spending time in Calgary and Edmonton prior to our move, the game stores in those cities have nothing over the shop you have here. Something for all ages, even our 5 year old has fallen in love with their Hexbug race night. We have booked a birthday party at the store next month and I have seen huge groups of kids getting out of the shop for some kind of fantasy sword fighting too. The owner there showed me pictures from their summer camps and giant fantasy dress up feast and it blew my mind. Anyhow, it was a surprise to find Good Times Games and has made our kids quickly forget the shops they used to like to visit. They don't just go to Good Times, they are welcome to stay and play or watch a movie. Staff is unbelievable and made all of us feel so welcome. I have never seen a store like this one, truly something unique to your (our) town and we are all very impressed.

» Green Island Coastal Charters Ltd.

Submitted What nominators are saying
24 days ago Green Island Charters encourages and has provided many wildlife and fishing charters/tours with families aboard. Provides on board reference information and education to customers on local species found and observed in the region

» McDonald's Restaurant

Submitted What nominators are saying
9 days ago Mr. David Wood is a quiet and successful entrepreneur. He has worked hard all his life to save up to invest in the local McDonald's restaurant which is not a small investment by any means. While he is not working, he trains and is the super star goalie of the Rupert Rampage. McDonald's Restaurant is also a Platinum sponsor for the Rampage as well. Great to have you in our community David.

» Northern Savings Credit Union

Submitted What nominators are saying
24 days ago This organization allows for employees to have flex-time for family. This looks many ways, it could be time for medical appointments with your child, it could be days at home when your child is sick, it could be time to see your child receive special acknowledgement and/or graduate from preschool.

» Prince Rupert Golf Club

Submitted What nominators are saying
5 days ago One of the elite clubs in Prince Rupert. Prince Rupert Golf Club has one of the best course in Northern BC and has been utilized by players of all ages. They receive strong support from the City as one of the major recipients for the Community Grants with CSA - $135,000. This is a very kind gesture and the funds will go a long way. THANK YOU to the City!