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» Aroy-D Thai

Submitted What nominators are saying
18 days ago Food is prepared so quickly and so tasty. We love their lunch specials for less $10. Good place to eat and save money.

» Cargo Kitchen

Submitted What nominators are saying
9 days ago The food at Cargo is second to none and the Owners are fantastic. Love the waterfront atmosphere and friendly staff. This is a great place for date night or to take the family. Highly recommended.
12 days ago Cargo Kitchen is a fantastic dining venue! The menu is unlike anything else in town and the price is reasonable. Their specials keep things fresh and change with the seasons. Such a great spot with a wonderful view. Love the live music nights. Also love that they give back to the community in various fundraisers and charities. Keep up the good work Dan, Tobie and staff!
14 days ago You can tell that Dan & Tobie have put their whole heart and soul into this business. Friendly staff, good food, great location, and view. Now with the new collaboration with Mucho Gusto I only see the menu getting better! Thanks for opening this great local restaurant. You deserve this award for all your hard work!

» Cow Bay Cafe

Submitted What nominators are saying
2 days ago I love this place! The food is really superb and I have never been disappointed. The service is excellent and thoughtful.
6 days ago What can I say. I have never had a bad meal at Cow Bay Café. The staff is always so nice and accommodating, they really make you feel special. The food is out of this world delicious! The attention to detail in the food they serve is outstanding. Gourmet dining at it's finest! This is hands down my favourite place to eat.
7 days ago Beautiful food, beautiful view, and beautiful staff.
8 days ago A business is also known for their great employees who love what they do & who have worked so hard to get where they are. These people deserve to be given spot light. So proud of you Mr John Dykman!
13 days ago Food is delicious, the preparation of each dish is done with such style that you truly believe you are eating in a very expensive restaurant, the price of each meal is affordable, the atmosphere is engaging as the chef will come out to serve and have a conversation with his customers.
28 days ago Best meal in town!
28 days ago Unique standard menu and a changing menu, food is always fantastic

» Cowpuccino' s Coffee House

Submitted What nominators are saying
17 days ago I whole-heartidly nomminate Cowpuccinos Coffee House for dining distraction! Cowpuccino's fromm the very beginning has served the locals & tourists alike with fresh coffee and a wide fare of homme-made deliciousness fromm soup to desserts. Cowpuccino's staff work hard in providing service and atmmosphere to those younger and older in a smmall & quaint cafe. A visit to Cowpuccino's is a culinary treat for the tastebuds! The cute little coffee establishmment is well know for this to the locals as well for tourists the world over.

» Crest Hotel

Submitted What nominators are saying
1 day ago Not sure why this restaurant has not been nominated yet.

» Dolly's Fish Market

Submitted What nominators are saying
11 days ago Seriously the best seafood restaurant in town. Have a great variety of food for a great price. The employees are great and always very friendly. I've never had a bad experience at Dolly's

» Fries & Pies

Submitted What nominators are saying
10 days ago Great location! Before a show at the Tom Rooney, great to grab a bite from these guys!

» Fukasaku

Submitted What nominators are saying
5 days ago They are very "distinctive" from others because not only their food is superb, they source most of their seafood locally, supporting local business and fishery. It's also good to know that their seafood is environmentally friendly.
18 days ago Great food, excellent service and amazing special menu events!
18 days ago Best Ramen of the west. None of the other restaurants can say that!
19 days ago Great sushi, fresh, homemade , good service
21 days ago They focus on local sustainable Ocean Wise seafood. That what they serve and advocate us to consume. As far as their sushi is concerned, it's never disappointing. It is always fresh, first class, and is made with the perfection. Platters are always nicely decorated and I enjoy their real wasabi. My favourite lunch is their Northwest Ramen. I have tried several ramen places in big cities after setting Fukasaku's as my standard and I always like Fukasaku's better. I totally appreciate Dai's effort and his love for Prince Rupert seafood.

» Mucho Gusto Catering

Submitted What nominators are saying
23 days ago We are so lucky that this operation has opened in the city! They are adaptable, show up for every event and fundraiser, have great catering and put on cooking classes.... even one this year with the Syrian refugee family. They have great food, but are increasingly becoming a cornerstone in the community! They deserve this award with all the work they have done in the past couple of years. Our organization has worked with Mucho on events, community revitalization ideas in Cow Bay.... and she also provides great service and food for catering!
25 days ago The Mucho Gusto Catering team consistently produce great meals. Whether serving from the cart at Wheelhouse, offering lunch or dinner at the Curling Club or supporting local events with their catering service, one is never disappointed with the quality of food and service. Great addition to the Prince Rupert food scene!

» Naomi's Grill

Submitted What nominators are saying
11 days ago Best brunch on a Sunday. Always our routine on Sunday. Great service.
21 days ago My favorite place in town and families too!!! The service is ALWAYS top notch and the food is amazing!

» Oceanview Hotel

Submitted What nominators are saying
16 days ago This place has an awesome atmosphere. Best place to be after a long day of work. Good drinks and group of workers.

» Panago

Submitted What nominators are saying
8 days ago They are amazing at what they do, really good customer service, they work very well as a team. I’m always happy when I go pick up my pizza, always a happy environment

» Patty's Burger Wagon

Submitted What nominators are saying
16 days ago This place got the best burger in town. No other place in town can beat her burgers!!

» Pho 88

Submitted What nominators are saying
28 days ago Gòod service and best food always

» Pita Pit

Submitted What nominators are saying
18 days ago Best new franchise in town. Thai Pham & Anthony Le are the dynamic duo. They opened one of the best new restaurants in town. The menu is great, the veggies are fresh, and the price is right.

» Rupert Meats

Submitted What nominators are saying
9 days ago They do good smoked meats and cured meats. Pre-ordered meats are the best. They bring in specialty order and requests. Way to go Leslie!

» Stardust Restaurant

Submitted What nominators are saying
28 days ago Best food great price and the staff and owners all know their customers guest and visitors. Treatng all that enter their doors with a positive reflection to the community of Prince Rupert

» Sum Shockin Good

Submitted What nominators are saying
7 days ago This small restaurant on wheels has always made every effort to be part of every event in town. Darren and Roma have always tried new ideas and tested it with the public, taking suggestions and improving or changing the menu items. They have never failed to satisfy my hunger for excellent taste.
11 days ago It's some non-shocking great food. Fast and tasty food served to your preference. Darren & Roma are so helpful. Thank you for being everywhere!

» The Fresh Onion

Submitted What nominators are saying
22 days ago Love their food and service. Best burger in town at the best price, unlimited toppings at one low price. (including bacon!). Awesome butter chicken! Also available for luncheon catering, we ordered up some of their sandwich platters and soup for a business lunch. Excellent variety of sandwichs and the platter and TASTY! Great family owned business for Prince Rupert!
27 days ago This place has amazing staff and food! I am new to Rupert and I love every time I go in there

» The Hub

Submitted What nominators are saying
6 days ago Best wings selection for all ages. Good hang out place on the weekend and sporting events.

» The Olive Restaurant

Submitted What nominators are saying
27 days ago Since opening in May of 2017, The Olive has produced a new and fresh take on dining within the Prince Rupert region. Fresh ingredients and spectacular quality from home made crepes to new lunch buffet's makes the Olive an ideal candidate for this particular award.

» Westend Restaurant

Submitted What nominators are saying
16 days ago Their food is always on point. We love the chowmein and lunch specials. The ladies that work there are energetic. We eat there at least once a week.