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» 333 Trinity Recovery Men’s House

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308 days ago 333 Recovery Homes - Trinity House into year two, housing men, wanting to change their life and offers 24/7 support “ helping men who want to help themselves “ Trinity House is involved in life after addiction as well with a vision of a clean and sober community whereas living life to the fullest. Outreach with local support services, business, committees their work, involvement is mainly behind the scenes and believes it takes a community to heal a addict.

» Empire Tree Services

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314 days ago Empire has sponsored youth soccer for many years as well as the intermediates basketball team. Vern donates loads of wood for different causes as well as donating wood chips to the wildlife shelter and to Rupert Lawn and garden. Vern has also donated his time to cut down the trees at the Mckay Street park to make way for the new dog park.

» Good Times Games and Electronics

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309 days ago Rob and all the staff at Good time games have created this safe welcoming environment for all people in the community. They never turn down an opportunity to get involved and especially never say no to donating time, space or themselves for this community. They are a pillar of positive spirit that we can all strive towards to make Prince Rupert a better place.
311 days ago I have witnessed rob gruber and his team multiple times with dozens of kids happily playing in the fields, my child is very involved in his activities and comes home happy, rob and his team deserve this nomination as the community starts with our youth. Great job rob

» Maverick Foods

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292 days ago During the water advisory they got affordable jugs and didnt raise prices. They gave a huge amount of food to Salvation Army. So proud they are leading the way during tough times.

» Northern Savings Credit Union

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295 days ago Supports the community through donations, sponsorships and financial literacy events.
315 days ago Northern Savings is out and about in our community by ways of cash donations, donations in kind, long with staff volunteering their time to make Prince Rupert a better place to live.

» Not So Shaggy Dog Grooming

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310 days ago Riley at Not So Shaggy often donates her time to groom and take care of animals in the local SPCA. She works on her own time for no profit just to help the animals in need!

» Prince Rupert Figure Skating Club

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315 days ago Provides safe learn to skate programs to all children from 3 yrs old to adults. It is an inclusive groups with coaches certified to help individuals with learning or mobility challenges

» Prince Rupert Port Authority

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314 days ago PRPA is the number one go to business when organizations are fundrsising because they have clear criteria and staff dedicated to giving away money.

» Prince Rupert Special Events Society

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304 days ago They are always volunteering to make the events happen for Prince Rupert , they should be awarded for all their hard work .
315 days ago This society consisting of volunteers constantly provides avenues for the citizens of Prince Rupert to celebrate and come together in friendship and fun.

» Ridley Terminals Inc.

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298 days ago This past week they made a generous donation to Salvation Army, also collected food and toys. They purchased art from local artists supporting community. Every season they find new ways to help or donate to make Prince Rupert a better place even those who are having a hard time

» Sum Shockin' Good

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286 days ago Great food, delicious desserts, people friendly. Always been there at events. Always the best food and they are great people.
311 days ago Great food and great prices. Very friendly and lots of fun to be around.
312 days ago Yes Darren & Roma may be the owners of Sum shockin good food truck (that is open randomly downtown) but when they are open there is rarely a homeless local that is ever hungry. They always make sure the homeless are fed when they are around & if there are any leftovers at the end before they close Roma and Darren drive around to make sure these homeless have something in their bellys for the night.

» Wheelhouse Brewing Company

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293 days ago For donations of beer to local fundraisers. Beer gardens for local charities. And, most recently, boiling water for people to consume during the boil water order. These guys always have the people of Prince rupert at the forefront.
315 days ago Since it opened five years ago, Wheelhouse Brewing Co. has established itself as a huge supporter of local causes and community events. Craig, James, and Kent open their doors to host events for many different groups, and often make donations from drink sales or cover charges. Their generosity is inspiring!