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» Association Francophone et Francophile du Nord-Ouest (AFFNO)

Submitted What nominators are saying
5 days ago These volunteers do so much fun stuff for the community. Their leaders are wonderful to work with.

» Big Dan's Move It Services

Submitted What nominators are saying
12 days ago Dan is a great guy. He helped us a lot with our move. There is no job too big for his crew. They also helped out last minute with the renovation of the McClean building for the homeless people. Kudos to Dan and his wicked team.

» Cassiar Cannery

Submitted What nominators are saying
11 days ago They have done a great job opening this business. It is a place to heighten your senses. A retreat for all. With four unique, self-catering guest houses available for their clients. They have been very creative with their marketing and has been very successful at least to my knowledge. Looks like a winner of a business to me.

» Doug Kydd (Manulife Financial)

Submitted What nominators are saying
10 days ago Doug Kydd at Manulife Financial is a staple to this community. He exemplifies a true community member. The amount of involvements and volunteer hours whether MC'ing at events and helping with rotary, Doug never turn down to help.

» Filipino-Canadian Association

Submitted What nominators are saying
5 days ago This is one of the strongest association in the community. They put on great events every year. Who can forget their awesome pork skewers on Seafest.

» Good Times Games and Electronics

Submitted What nominators are saying
6 days ago This is a business that never turns down a chance to participate in City Events and always adds a ton of value when they do. Seafest has the owner leading kids in the parade, letting them be creative and having fun, the same at Halloween Fest and so many other community activities. Every auction I attend, they provide something, and then they support charities and work hard to make Prince Rupert a really great place to be. Certainly they add a lot and make Prince Rupert stand out for their efforts.
9 days ago A great place for the whole family. They have a great atmosphere and Rob is just amazing with the kids. They care about their customers and are heavily involved in the community. I can't wait for my little one to be old enough to join in.
19 days ago Great place for children to learn electronics in a safe environment, Rob and his team are dedicated to making a difference in the lives they touch!
28 days ago I would like to second a nomination for Good Times Games. Rob and his team are special, and they continue to make Prince Rupert a special place to grow up and live. Never seen anyone make gaming as cool as these guys (and girls) do. Every function, charity event or activity in this city, there Rob is surrounded by a pack of laughing kids and smiling parents. I don't know a business as active and involved in their community as Rob, Ryan, Kris and all of their awesome team at Good Times.
28 days ago The community this business has created is outstanding everyone is welcome and included gets kids and adults involved and opens up their minds and imaginations a true family community tgey have created

» National Aboriginal Day Committee

Submitted What nominators are saying
5 days ago These is a lot of organizing for this event. It has been growing and we may even have a national holiday soon.

» Navy League of Canada Prince Rupert

Submitted What nominators are saying
5 days ago Navy League of Canada (PR) is one of the best groups in this community. They are an integral part of our NorthCoast Living. They help the community in so many ways.

» North Coast Immigration & Multicultural Services Society

Submitted What nominators are saying
5 days ago This is a growing society in the community. Prince Rupert always celebrate diversity and this society exemplify that. They host special events to celebrate many cultures and bring the community together. They also help new immigrants transition and integrate with Prince Rupert.

» North Pacific Cannery

Submitted What nominators are saying
11 days ago Laurie Davie and her staff has done wonders to this destination. They have put on so many great events and brought the cannery back to life. The tours, the Intertidal music fest, and much more events make this historic part of the tourist attract in Rupert.

» Northern Development Initiative Trust (NDIT)

Submitted What nominators are saying
8 days ago NDIT, led by Economic Development officer Paul Vendittelli, the program provides grants to business owners to renovate, restore or redesign the commercial building facades and storefronts. The four businesses who received funds were Eddies News, Seasport Marine, e’Klektic Trading, and Mckenzie Furniture. The greatest transformation from this initiative is the McKenzie Furniture which is now Ashley Furniture.

» Northern Savings Credit Union

Submitted What nominators are saying
7 days ago They give donations to so many community groups and volunteer at a lot of different community events.
28 days ago Reinvested profits back into the community and has a staff volunteer program.

» Prince Rupert Curling Club

Submitted What nominators are saying
5 days ago They are one of the longest lasting clubs in the community. They help develop players and put on many great events. They are a very important club in the community. Prince Rupert should be proud for having this club and should continue to invest in such a great club like this so it can function for many generations to come.

» Prince Rupert Golf Club

Submitted What nominators are saying
5 days ago One of the elite clubs in Prince Rupert. Prince Rupert Golf Club has one of the best course in Northern BC and has been utilized by players of all ages. They receive strong support from the City as one of the major recipients for the Community Grants with CSA - $135,000. This is a very kind gesture and the funds will go a long way. THANK YOU to the City!

» Red Shadow Boxing and Fitness

Submitted What nominators are saying
10 days ago RBS's owner Davit & Kirsten are the best trainers in town hands down. They are great partners in life and in business. Their marketing ideas are so amazing. They are they brain for You: Version Two. Thank you for all your help.

» Save On Foods

Submitted What nominators are saying
12 days ago Save On Foods under new management, Nate Alcos, has improved their quality of goods and services. Their selection of produce, bulk products, and asian options have garnered significant increase in clientele. Nate ensures his staff greet you at the door with a smile and his pricing is very competitive. Save On Foods has been very creative to compete with Safeway. They have customer appreciation days, delivery vehicle, local sponsorships, Rampage promos, etc. Mr. Alcos was recently on Heart of the City.

» Sum Shockin Good

Submitted What nominators are saying
7 days ago Darren and Roma have always made efforts to be part of every community event. They are good people and the things they do for people go above and beyond what is expected of most businesses
11 days ago It's some non-shocking great food. Fast and tasty food served to your preference. Darren & Roma are so helpful. Thank you for being everywhere!

» The Argosy

Submitted What nominators are saying
10 days ago The Argosy is an antique store that showcases local arts. Francis and Richard are so creative. They find our vintage pieces at estate sales and auctions. They also select articles on consignment as well. The artists that they support and not limited to are Kostan Lagace, Sarah Chi Brown, and Suzo Hickey. Francis has been everywhere doing her volunteer work as guest speakers, music performances, etc. They are very involved in the community.